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The Recap - Season 2

June 22, 2021 Ray Gonzalez Season 2
The Raymundo Show
The Recap - Season 2
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Raymundo is recapping season 2! Listen in to all the highlights of the season along with a special guest, Philip Thompson. 

Features for Season 2 include:

  • J Suave Aka Jonathan
    Ft Isabella a.k.a. Bella
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  • Jonathan Garcia aka JGarciaDesigns (the Jeweler)

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Year year year was go. Winner is Muno, baby. This is the season two recap episode bonus edition. Crazy feels like the season just started yesterday. but as we know Tom waits for no man. Okay So we always got to. Keep it moving. Yeah, man. I learned a lot this season. It was very different from, season one. I was in a whole nother place. So be honest would like to be where I was at in season one, I was feeling like. That that new cartoon show invincible. Which is fire. I feel like. This season was like way more personal, I was just listening to this shit and I was just like, wow. Like I wasn't really people. I was really letting people know how I feel like straight the fuck up. Which is cool. I'm hoping a lot of y'all can relate. But definitely my next season is going to be. Helping you out as like a reflection of how I helped myself. Cause, I'm on the construction. So. Yeah, I feel like I'm still in the trenches. Like I'm still. Trying to figure shit out. 2020 was the awakening. 2021 was the construction year, but. But definitely a. When you get like that stuck feeling like, you know what you gotta do. You aware of what's going on around you? But it's like, you can't move, Like, felt like a deer in headlights, You know lately, but. I'm about to be on my fucking. Simba came back to, reclaim the throne shit. Yeah, I got to stop referencing in lion king. Like I got to stop that. I know it was a great movie. Oh, when I was a kid, but I got, let go. I always wanted to see that shit on Broadway, man. I got to stop playing. I'm going to see that shit on Broadway. If it's even open. Look like stuff is opening back up anyway. Yeah, I know this is a bonus episode, but.

It's Ben moon does quote of the day


And this quota today comes from. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else. Is the greatest accomplishment. That was a, a motherfucking quote on steroids. Conseco Yeah. I feel like we constantly get told, like, Well, we are now who we are now is not good enough. And. I believe that's a load of Jack shit. I believe that's some bullshit. You should love yourself for who you are now. Because really the what's the difference. you looking better, you having more money? I don't know. You dating more like. you can do all those things, but. Nothing is better than you just being, you. If you get what the fuck I'm trying to say. Like, Whether you're doing good, whether you're doing bad. What are you weather? Whether you're doing all right. As long as you being, you. What's better than that. I know sometimes fear and. Different circumstances. Like don't let us really. Don't really like, let us embrace BNS, man. And once you get to experience that. It's a feeling like no other, no. Shout at the Keela. No fucking wineglass. No, Blundy no. None of that. I think compared to that, Feeling of just you being you in. You're not giving a fuck about. Nothing like. But what makes you happy? When you really find the way to focus on making yourself. Happy. and also at the same time, usually when I'm in that. When that mole were next. I accept that shit is fucked up and I still got to find a way to be happy cause. Like my boy Rob's dad told them. we on borrowed time. So might as well. Live it up anyway, man. But that was a long ass response to the quote of the day, man. Let's get into the recap. I pretty much did this episode and episode 18. I did it for episode for season one. And if I didn't lose you. But this time I wanted to. I wanted to kind of get the nickname donut. A bonus, the onus. So. I figured I'd start with this recap. and I have my boy Philip Thompson give you some history about the season that you probably didn't know. was you probably don't give a fuck, but. I bet you, if I'm fucking famous, you would. and I just put it listens to this podcast, man. I got to work harder. Then then then The person that's making the money or the podcast, that's doing this thing and making the money and doesn't have to. Fucking work again. I got to work harder than him. Or her or them. If not. This shit, ain't going nowhere. But. I really love this shit. So I'm trying to go all out. I'm trying to go all the fuck out. You're hurt. but yeah, with that said, Let's hit you with that. Episode one. The blueprint. Honestly. For C for my next season. I know which way to go. So I figured I'd go. use my favorite rapper. Tell me what an episode. cause I, I reached out to those people. Couldn't get them on the episode. Physically, that's going to be one day though, man. But yeah man let's check out highlights for that episode

I'm happy to be here for another goal round. This is my first episode. Back from my little brother. We were on the ed did on this one. February 9th, which is also my brother's birthday this is episode so 10, the blueprint before you have the plan. Have the vision, see the vision before becomes a reality. But of course, before we get into that, it's been Munoz quote of the day. This one's from spike Lee. When I saw it, it immediately jumped off the page. It's at a point where I had to even fucking duck. I Martin Luther king, I don't need a dream. I have a plan. Ooh, DJ. Ooh. Oh man. The thing is. Anybody can dream, but not everybody can plan and being able to do both. feel refreshed. How I feel low key. I feel like captain America, when he came out. Super serum, soldier boof. When the shit open, he was stronger, taller, faster. I'm not none of that, but mentally I feel rejuvenated during my time morph left New York. I'm in Massachusetts. We're wifi. We weren't going on that family. We trying to make power moves, Astana, feel like Tommy and James St. Patrick in this bitch and get on that road to financial freedom, which is what we all want to be able to do the things we want with the people that we love Sometimes me being a perfectionist can get in a way, trying to push through all of that and deliver a second season. Another classic in my eyes. Well, I named the under construction cause I'm a work in progress. And I named my episode, the blueprint because I'm in the process of building this empire and not the one where homie set up his own ass would have been for more publicity. But what a blueprint does for an architect is that it gives them guidance and let them know what the end result will be. You know what I'm saying? Yes. Y'all Mundo be balling. It's a whole day man. And one night my company, my future, my vision. It doesn't only stop at the Raimundo show. There's other things that I want to expand to and break the shit out of my comfort zone. And I don't need my comfort zone. I want to break that generational curse on a fucking, I want to break it like the glass that stone-cold comes out. But you know what I'm saying, Jay called it, I feel like before it was complete. So I feel like in your process to find your takeover. You see it and call it out before actually comes to life. And we're going to it as if it's already here. How would you act if the takeover was here? your planning and preparation is going to result in like your own personal accomplishment, getting through challenges. And taking anything in your path that you become your own personal hurricane things to consider when you're putting your blueprint together, you don't know what you're really capable of until you push pass. Some may feel like you may not need to put a plan together and you know what you could be. Right. It doesn't hurt to try something new. And, in my blueprint, my plan is not perfect. I I change it as much as I need to at the end of the day, it's your world Sometimes there's going to be times where there's no love, and of course you find what you want to do. You find what you feel is going to bring you happiness, start making moves, and it's natural for you to want everybody to be happy for you. If you're one of those. See people do good like myself. I love seeing people live their lives no matter what they've been through. Bring your vision to life. Your presence here is a gift from the creator, XE, a dream from your soul who make it happen in the physical, no miracle was needed for this to happen. Just belief, a plan and getting started. Don't let your dreams get killed. Like Leo knew the pattern, but as long as you're alive, you can avenge a wish.


Hope you enjoyed that recap Episode 11. I was like all over the place. Cause. The first one went better than I expected. And I wanted to follow up with a better one. But what I wanted to be one of my focuses is which is investing yourself, putting yourself first. In that area. But I named it after. captain America, just because I feel like it's the first investment you should make. Just like captain America was the first Avenger. I don't know the connection wasn't too great, but I still went with it. One of my favorite episodes. Maybe not. I just know that I had a ball recording it. at the end of the day, I just wanted my listeners to know that. Everything starts with them. Before anything, they're the first investment. But let's look at how i put that together Good over here.

this is episode 11. The first investment, the old saying is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I know some supers that are the same. Everybody's broke as the Lego. Fix it Thinking yourself is the best investment you'll ever make. It will not only improve your life. It will improve the lives of all those around you. Basically. It's a win-win. So as you can't lose, if you're a person. Wants to do better while also positively affecting those around you. It doesn't start with them, starts with you. There's different areas of your life. If you invest in the return can be crazy. Just make sure you don't do it through Robin hood The better you got this rain come on, but shit, we human. Sometimes we have good. And sometimes we have days we don't give a fuck, which I'm currently going through right now, but I'm getting through it. Learning allows you to take the strengths. You already have, make them stronger, make your weaknesses second nature to you. We live in the age of information at a right at our fingertips. And if we want to know something or we can not at a click of a button, I'm saying it's taking the time to learn something new can be the difference between more money or promotion, a business, a dream come true. Keep learning and keep earning Do what you have to now, so you can do what you want later. That's the term I'm sure. But sometimes it's the timing of when you hear something finding ways to put things in order not only makes you feel good. When you have to do something you don't really want to do for the greater good. Or you could just do things gradually, which I think when you do things gradually. For like is more realistic when people quit smoking cold Turkey, the chances are, are not as high as the people that gradually quit smoking. Yeah. Sometimes it's better I believe in God, just by, just through spiritual means. And I feel like whatever your faith is, whatever you believe in, it's very important on this path you want, because what being spiritual, being religious, what these things do for me is you believe in something you can't see, but you can feel, and sometimes you go and eat the fish. Whatever it is, that feeling is to get you over those dark times. Those times that you only see what you don't have in front of you. It's that hope and faith that in a way, shows us the way with no proof, but a feeling when you go to that seminar and buy real estate and you think there wasn't going to be nothing offered or anything you had to pay at the end and everything was just going to be for free. You got to be able to put that money up. Sometimes we invest our money. They give us no return, but investing is something that you believe in that goes with your plan. I say, do it and follow through You gotta be willing to take risks. Big enough to break handcuffs. I understand why you play it safe, but, but like a wise man once said scared money. Doesn't make no money. If so, if I ever go broke, I just stop it there it's worth taking the time to approve yourself. Taking steps in the right direction. We'll make sure you never feel left behind. It's easy to put time and money into distractions, but switch that into things that will help you grow You can invest in stocks, real estate or your old business. If you don't start with you, you'll return to the ways that didn't help you keep yourself at the top of the list.


Now for episode 12. Out a couple of options. But I thought I had a, I feel like I have to drop this one because I feel like. Communication. Is the reason for a lot of things. It's. Obviously right. Even for this, even with this podcast. But, I personally went through a couple. Instances where communication. Fuck shit up or made things really different. And. Things like that make you wish you go to handle the better. we go through things like that to learn from but. I had, I wanted this episode to kind of Put a spotlight on communication, not just. texting and social media. But let's get into the recap. Come and talk to

This is episode 12, come and talk to me. And it's about communication. Y'all shit is more important than we know. get it, This quote is by Tony Robbins, which is a legend in the guru game. And it's crazy. The first time I ever saw him was shallow house. And I didn't even know what job he had. Like, what was he doing? I had no idea that one day I would be striving to do the same thing. So it was fire, but it's an honor to be able to use one of his quotes to effectively communicate. We must realize that we are all different in the way that we perceive the world. And use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. Wow. Far as communication goes, I feel like that's how we can get farther. If we can understand what the other person is coming from and try to see it, try to see how they. Right because shit, you don't want to like jump to conclusion so much can get disrupted by not properly communicating how you feel and being able to be on the same page. With the person you're trying to be on the same page with the importance of communication. Now think about it. We all can't do things alone. Information has to be passed back and forth. So some of the greatest inventions documents shows required. Good communication. Certain battles have been won, and I'm sure the ones that were lost were because of bad communication. the air traffic controller. They have to make sure planes don't cross each other's paths. So there won't be no accidents that way. So imagine if their communication was off by the slightest. There's people lives that depend on communication. So if you don't think it's important, then I understand. I didn't think it was important once upon a time, but I'm in the word of podcasting. I want to be a life coach. I want to help people. So I want to make sure I can communicate effectively. But everyone does things in their own ways and their own times We don't know when we're going to have our last conversation with people, especially the ones we're really close to. So being able to always let them know how you feel is something you won't regret doing. Give yourself more chances to make more memories with that person you had a president that told us that we should take Lysol, so yeah, I'm just trying to show your communication is important, man. And every level and all like in our relationships, there's relationships that were lost just because one didn't communicate properly or respected the idea or seeing them. Like, they probably could have had the best marriage, the best kid, the best, everything, but just, they couldn't find a way to speak to each other There's a lot of dope ideas that have come out and will continue to come out because ideas, different interests, different perception. We're able to effectively work together to give us what we have now. No one does it by themselves. Being able to get to the end goal and make clear what you want, regardless of your background. And differences is a magical thing. Actors go through it all the time. There's actors that they don't love. They hate each other, but you would not know. Because the movie came out fire, you know what I'm saying? it's really, really important to think before you speak. I've heard this many times sometimes I forget that and just speak my mind. There's probably events that was supposed to happen. They got canceled. It was because of bad communication or loves that could have been, that could have blossom. Grown to be another notebook. One that we could have spoke about could have been the notebook, could have, it could have been the fucking diary. You know what I'm saying? Sometimes it's not bad communication. Sometimes it's just not meant to be no matter how much you want to talk to that person and get along with that person, then you have to realize there was once love, but now it has become a lesson. always say what you mean and mean what you say only you can define what that is. Everybody hears, but not everybody listens. Take a step back before you judge. We all have our own story or we try to empathize Practice being assertive and like a wise, bulky pig. One said but this was a great episode. Thanks again for tuning in


Yeah. So episode 13 was something, a little different. I associate the number 13 with four. Friday. And some I guess, bad luck, whatever. but I wanted to do an episode. Pretty much about fear and I feel like I will make it fun by. Bye. Adding a legendary song. Once again. To the repertoire. Well, at least did an episode, Yeah. I'll put a lot of my personal shit out there. I'm still working on them things. I'm still trying to break through it, use it as a friend, but. Shit is tough, man. The comfort zone is a motherfucker. But anyway. Let's get into this recap

You are now tuned in to the Raimundo show This is episode 13, this is the thriller. Judy bloom and it goes, each of us must confront our own fears. We must come face to face with them. How we handle our affairs will determine where we go with them for the rest of our lives to experience adventure or be limited by the fear. That's a powerful quote. Got me feeling like At some point it gets Sue either fight or flight and your fear got endurance, man, that shit can endure a lot of successes and a lot of positive moments. And it's just waiting for you to let up. So eventually you're going to have to face it. And when you face it and how you face it will determine it. What your life would be. This is the thriller Due to your experiences. It's natural to just pick up of certain fears and phobias, which share when I've the research about phobias is just shit that you constantly avoid. Shit. I forgot that. So from what I can remember, you avoid these things and then the feeling gets stronger than fear and anxiety got a distant cousin named doubt, and that would be why I'll give you wildly for respect. We'll fear of failure. You can. It sounds nice to say it, but there's something you gotta face. It's considered a phobia and you got to face the fact that this is standing in your way from growing, from progressing and being the best youth like that ass, you have to be willing to fail, to succeed like success. Demands failure. Don't negotiate with the mind, whether you feel like this, whether you feel like. Get used to getting things done regardless how you feel fear of success is a real thing. Cause we, yeah, it's either you're chasing it or it's chasing you and life is better when I'm chasing that bitch. fear of criticism, what everyone thinks about you. We all care about what people think of us to an extent, but when it. Stopping you from going places or moving up in life. That's when you really got to take a step back and try to figure out why does your fear of criticism outweigh your drive to be successful? It was crazy that at some point you realize you're like, nobody gives a fuck about you. There's people that do, but I'm just saying nobody's born about you it's for that moment. And then people already think about all the shit that they got to deal with, People are going to judge, no matter what. So you might as well. Do it anyway. Fuck whoever, if they laugh, let them laugh. No, one's going to think about you. It reminds me of. Apart in black Panther when kink the, getting his ass book by bark, who his mother screams out, remember who you are and he remembered and wild out. the unknown, it's a scary thing. And all you could do it as is embrace. It. It comes from, I always say, as a trait that comes from our ancestors, they had a, everything. They did pretty much, they had to be bugging out because imagine they went to go hunt, they could have died hunting. They could have died in the river when they went to go take a bath, everything almost they did, they could have died. So are a lot of our anxieties and fears. I felt like I wrote it somewhere in our DNA, man. It's just our actions and how we view it because fear affects everybody differently. And I want to get into more like the effects of what it does to you mentally, physically, spiritually. And it's just easier to do whatever everybody else is doing. Just surviving. And like Jay was said, I'm not trying to survive and trying to live it to the limit and love better. But the only way we could do that is by smacking fear in the fucking face. And you know what I'm saying? Banging it from the side, from the left to the right. You know what I'm saying? It's okay. To be afraid, give you a chance to be brave. Gives you a chance to show yourself what you made of buss as the creator major DNA. You have what it takes to face anything, no matter how much a free shoot or. Scared money don't make no money fears, just the street we have to cross to get to really live in Ave. The only way to really enjoy it life is to make fear your bitch and chase it. Don't replace it sometimes. You just got to feel


So, yeah, this next episode, Who's the boss. when I was young, I used to watch that show. loved it. He used to watch on my mom's. but as I grew up, I wanted to be the boss because I never liked anyone being my boss. And. the entrepreneur road is not an easy road. Like. As much as. I hate having a job. It does make it easier. They tell you what you gotta do. It's not too much to figure out an entrepreneurial role. It's a lot of things going on. A lot of, Digging deep. A lot of failure, a lot of mistakes. A lot of contemplating. This shit is kinda like it's not for everybody when you really think about it. But I wanted to have a conversation about it. Not. When myself, right. But yeah, I wanted to have a episode where, I just. Talk about all the things that interests me and all the things that, make me want to do it. And I was hoping maybe I can. Maybe I want to get started, yeah, Let's get into it.

This is episode 14. Who's the boss. I know by now some of you are like, why the fuck is all his episodes inspired by some shit he used to watch? Napoleon hill. Most great people have attained their greatest success. Just one step beyond their greatest failure. Now let's think about that right before they was about to have their worst moment. They had the best moment and that comes from not giving up. And it's close like this, that entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs need the hair. let's get into that episode. who's the boss. Are we just talking about being an entrepreneur has been my dream for a very long time to consider myself one to be able to leave, to be the example, to be in charge of, or control of my destiny. What are the benefits of being entrepreneurial, right? Being in charge, having your own business, being able to sign the checks. I feel like you get to be in control us as people control fast, as certainty with certainty comes calmness. It feels good to, to be able to have that and to have control. That means there's no ceiling on your income. Different changes. You can work as much as you want to, and there's no cap to how much you can make. nobody can tell you what to do, which if you know me, I love that shit. You got a chance to show off your leadership skills and how creative you are. I know pressure bust pipes, certain situations expect a lot from you. And on that entrepreneur role, man, trying to be a boss, you either figure it out or you find someone who could figure it out for you. Henry Ford, that he finished school. In elementary, but he just found the way to go the right people and that shit that got me thinking I'm great at connecting people. So imagine you, don't got to deal with anyone you don't want to deal with. Of course it would. Sometimes you gotta put that to the side. If this, for like, I always use the greater good or something, that's going to benefit you a lot. But at the same time, if someone that has bad energy always have something negative to say or people we don't fuck. You don't have to work with, which is dope though Those who read, Napoleon's thinking grow rich, all familiar with this term. And this is just you being able to combine. Your energies, your ideas with like-minded people to accomplish a greater goal. it gives you that peer accountability and you don't want to let the other person down, so you make sure you do your part, but we got to see that firsthand. And you also get to solve problems. You got more than one person trying to solve a problem. So you got more than one person just focusing on the solution. It's only a matter of time before you get it. you had a boss, some of us know how it feels like, of course, because we had parents, they were like our introduction to the boss world. That was who the boss was at that time. And no, well, yeah, man, when you working for somebody else's dream. It took for me to get fired to actually go forward and working on this whole entrepreneurial thing. Another thing I like about having a boss was you don't get paid what you're worth. the best leaders of man are the ones that empathize. They're able to. I use that word a lot by the way, in this fucking shit, but they're able to relate and they know how it feels like to be you. They just didn't want to be you anymore. Now you report to them, imagine that if you was that guy that you always defended your company, you was the loyal, you were the L in loyalty and you go into work one day, happiest. Fuck. And. You get that call to the office and it's, it's that simple. The job thing is cooling for that fact, right? There is the reason why I never wanted a pen on that. That's why I feel like cool when they, when they have a union and they have all that. But I feel like my whole life I've been trying to stay away from me. not everybody can handle it, but the fact that you just keep going viewing Energizer bunny shit. When you hear success stories, all of them have that moment of triumph when they're ready to give up. And they get that last phone call for the most part. It's like right when you're ready to give up, that's when like success pops up and at the end, at that point, it didn't matter of all the. Disappointments setbacks and failures. You had to experience You could be running the show as soon as you realize you're the star, find your drive. It hit the fucking gas, but like eight call one saying is all up to you, don't wait to be chosen, choose to go to the fire failure. And I promise you, you won't burn. You will. Learn what not to do and how to be successful in obtaining that not only do you feel proud of yourself, but the peace that comes with that is unexplainable Well, before we get into episode 15. Phillip thompson were compelling Hello, I'm Phillip Thompson. And this is the remainder shows, compelling stories. Before episode 10 was ed. He faced many challenges on his way. To doing the second season. Due to the success of his first season. He had trouble. Maintaining a flow for the but with some help from his peeps, AKA the support squad, he was able to get balance. And make the show. What is that we've truly been. His love. And passion. To express himself. The way he can. To the world of podcasting But before episode said, ed. He'd recorded nine episodes. Which he would drop randomly from here to his next season. So stay tuned for that. Like a wise man would said. You're scared to death. You're scared to look. But I didn't have such thing as halfway crux. This is Phillip Thompson. With the Raimundo show. Take care like Drake one set. So. I did an episode about kids. When I first started doing the podcast. It didn't make it to the outside world because it was a little too strong. I was. I was upset by seeing that there were kids left in. cages. During the time of ice. It was a lot of lost kids and. I lost it, but I wanted to do one, refreshing speaking about the positive. Things and things we can do to help the children. Live better lives, I also wanted to share. My life. My childhood. With my listeners and. whoever rock with the Raymundo show. Seeing that we saw the same things. Then I wanted to. Interview some kids. Get their perspective on. Different areas. thought it would be fun. I had two great kids. My step son. Jay Swaby. John. Jonathan. And Isabella. Caught the wrong. it was a great, it was a great episode. I loved it. Fella was, it was this episode just felt right. Anyway, let's hit some highlights from that episode. This is episode 15, the future back in the days, heavy Edwards. We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open. And it's dope because it's letting you know that the dream doesn't only need to be experience in your mind. It can happen in real life. As a real estate investor, that's been scamming. People used to say, Jane Morrison, shout out Tony, the closer we're exposing that they're mad. But let's get into the episode, the future back in the days, back in the days when I was young, I'm not good anymore Let's not forget that you too were once a kid figured it would be cool to share my childhood with maybe somebody y'all want to know, maybe some of. I'm still going to do this shit anyway. She had the ones that I grew up with are probably gonna feel a little nostalgia or feel alone in the store, but that should always feels good. I remember the highlights of my childhood was Saturday cartoons or power Rangers, as soon as I got out of school, fucking Batman, the animated series. But I don't remember specifically Saturday was the best cause Saturday. It was no school, obviously. And I used to watch this lineup on Fox. I don't know how many, I couldn't relate or watch these shows, but I'm a name of, anyway. I remember it used to start off with eating. Bobby's world then it used to be the power ranges. There will be some around that time. Goosebumps Erie, Indiana. I remember the tick that his thing at one point, but always, always, and the, with the animated X-Men series, it's like a mop then in it. no place like New York city man. Like I'm, I'm happy that I grew up there. I'm happy I'm from there. And when you from Brooklyn, when you a Brooklyn night, what I'm saying shit is you feel was a proud as a. Our body wouldn't have fucking But I could go on and on about my child, but if I could wrap my childhood up, it would be playing outside. Hang man. What was the other shit, man, hunt, suicide, baseball in the yard. Basketball on the gate, on the Creek with a cheap ass ball, mom, dad trips to yard trips to Miami, Saturday cartoons, superhero movies, superhero cartoons are man great fucking music, nineties music, eighties music. Rap reggae Moran, get by dot D Pico. Yeah. Regular Don came out like I was already like, like 18 and shit. So childhood is over. That was Thien hood. Can't forget. Good. Old salsa, mad thing Jonathan also known as J suave. That's what we call him in the house. But one day there'll be calling him that in the streets, but I'll let him introduce himself. Talk to him. Hey guys, it's Johnson today. We're going to be talking about what all you had to do was introduce yourself while you got to do it. I thought it was his show for a second I know like corn team, like sucks. want you to get a perspective from a six year old's mind, but not just any six year old, a six year old. That's like bound for greatness I find him funnier than Kevin Hart. I know. Like, and Kevin Hart to me is funny, but you don't care you at my heart is cause he's a comedian. Yeah. Some jokes. No, you're still young and you won't understand them. And if you do understand them, then you're too smart for your own good. Oh, that actually doesn't make really much sense to you, but it makes sense to me. Yeah. Listen, if it makes sense to you, it shouldn't make sense to me. But you gotta say to the people that was my boy J swab baby entrepreneurs younger entrepreneurs doing their thing, being brave at such a young age. my name is Isabella Calderon. I'm 11 years old and I started my own lip gloss brand called Bella she's lips. Ooh, you had that ready? So I decided to start my own business doing lip gloss and, just make my own money Sometimes things come from you just trying it out. Who thought of the name? Well, actually we have three names in mind actually You got write like, you gotta write a children's book about this. That would be fun. L you have to get chosen. Boy, it could be an adult book. Like, you know what, if she could do it at 11, you could do it at 22, 23. it was a nice thing to do with my mom. Cause it was like a nice bonding experience with her since I could spend. That's awesome. All like peanut butter and jelly and horn. Like a story about a mom and daughter team enough, they go with the world Whitney once said Shogun all the future. If we make it better for them, the world will truly shy. Give the sun some competition, give them the best and a lot of love and keep the hope and imagination, happiness that most of us let life diminish. Once we know what the world really is. they show you that you truly capable of loving a living more than life itself. When you help a child, you both experienced growth Well, mental health is related to physical health. And vice versa. So I had to do an episode. Awesome tips and things you can do to. To live a better life. So we can overall be healthy because. I'm most sometimes. I don't eat as good as I need to be right now, especially at my age. I'll be 35 in a month. That's crazy. And I ain't going to front I'm at that real comfortable weight right now. different things in my life. came about and I just lost focus. So I had a, had to go to the experts. Have my cousin. Jane Moralez, I'll give you the physical part. How to train how much you should train. And it was a good conversation because every time me and my cousin lick up. Is the movie. I had Marissa for Tony. which she did a combination of things when it came to health. She was a registered nurse. Holistic nurse. She just had different areas that were just pointing to. Helping you live a healthy, happy life, not just physically, mentally like overall. But anyway enough about how the fuck I feel about the episode. Let's get into it. motivate, and keep it a hunted in the new 600 with the big rims on it. It has a classic. What happened to those two? Pam urban Gotti, daddy. I forgot their names. No bull. And got it. But yeah, we got another one for you. This is episode 16, no health, no wealth. But before we get to the proceedings on this lovely day, because every day that we allow. It's a beautiful one. Rest in peace of those. Didn't get to join us today, But the quote of the day comes to you by Richard because I'm not, I don't think he's Jamaican, but I just, it reminds me of one of my old remind me of a teacher from my high school that our brother used to be like Ms. Becca. And the quote is to get rich, never risk your health for it is the truth. Is the wealth of wealth. And that's very powerful because that's the whole pretty much the reason why I wanted to make this episode But you can be rich and have to spend all your money having to fix yourself For future generations, like that's the shit I've been on. Usually all my comeback journeys, start with me doing some type of exercise than me for the better by myself. And then me doing really great that if again, about the exercise or all the things I took to get me to this better place. I wanted to get a little bit of help today from Marissa, for Tony, she's all about health. thank you. Yeah. As Ray said, I am Marisa for Tony and I am a holistic nurse, specialized and cannabinoid therapeutics, yoga, maternal health, behavioral health. And I have a background as a massage therapist as well. That's awesome. I I'm a registered nurse. Yep. I went to Fitchburg state here in Massachusetts for nursing school. I've been a nurse for about 10 years. But beyond that, I also help pay patients with mindfulness practices, help them learn how to meditate, just how to really improve their overall health and wellbeing with a different, more holistic minded practices having your body like heal yourself. I would love to know more about that. The vast majority of your health in your own hands and with regular practices and consistent effort, you can promote healing in your body. And, and with those doctor bills, I, I don't see why everybody's not looking into it but I know someone who's usually helps people get into the best shape of their lives and always disciplined enough to be in the best shape of his. But you heard of my cousin before I mentioned him on episode five, we named them the chef, the jujitsu, the world knows him as a coach. Jake Appreciate you bringing me on the podcast and our lot. My name is Jamie I'm a certified personal trainer through now. Which is a national academy of sports medicine. Also have the second certification through a, I S a ma master trainer level two. So, yo ma my fault master yo, when you switch, yo, you hear that I'm not getting advice on a regular trainer. Yo, I always wanted him to train me, but when I was living in Miami, I was fronting like forever, but I'm gonna make some money and he could train me for what'd you call it the zoom shit. We use it right now. I'll add a couple of people. I changed on some during COVID coach Jay is that he's always living his best life. You understand? Yeah, always trying, always we do, we just do it to the, like his best. Like now he's living in Miami. What's the weather like right now over there, I was like Pawnee. Cloudy was like 84 degrees. I think why you started like a weatherman was So coach say, realistically, how much did you work out during the week? Well, it really depends on your goals. So if you want to get to your goal at a faster rate, shorter timeline, and you want to try to maximize every day or a week, and of course you always want recovery. So like six days a week, five days a week, if you want a faster result. And then I've even had clients grow muscle only three times a week. So it depends how many times we're going to hit that same muscle. Or how active they are Sometimes they they're trying to overdo it and then they overtrain and then they, they deplete the energy because your energy, when you work out, comes from sugar and blood sugar also called glucose or the stored form, Mister called glycogen. So when we use that on. Losing all your gasoline in the car, you ended up going over it Don't play with your health. Your life is priceless, but spend the more time on your overall wellbeing is something you can afford to do right now is worth it in your mind, body and soul. Deserve the best care we can't rely on healthcare takes more than a doctor visit to really feel good on a regular basis. but like a Drake album take care. This is the remote. This is the Raymundo show and I'm feeling like Kanye motherfucking west. Cause I just did this whole final say in one take with a fucking neck brace on So episode 17 was supposed to be something totally different. I left Philip Thompson. Come back for one more segment. So he can let you know what was really going to happen. Ella once again, it's Phillip Thompson with the Raimondo. And those shows compelling stories. And episode 17 was supposed to be. What the fuck is going on. Part two But due to timing and rave moon, those anxiety. He had to change the episode minute. In order. To bring great content and help. For the masses. Around the world But like the late great Christopher Wallace once said. Relaxed and take notes. While I take tote set of marijuana smoke. Throw you in a choke and smoke than smoke. This is Phillip Thompson with Raimundo shows compelling stories. Appreciate that Philip, but yeah, man, mental health is always in the forefront. Of my mind. So it was the next best thing I could do at the last minute. I feel like I've vented more than I. previously have in any of the episode or when it came to mental health. I was going through a lot of anxiety at the time. And. I structured the episode differently. anything mental health is personal to me. And it was the, it was dope to have one of my best friends. join me on a roll cast, the call. I was able to put it to use finally and, for him to give me his feedback. was dope. yeah, I put the episode together. Lovely. just in time, just before the season finale, let's take a listen how it came out This is episode 17. You are not alone part two. So as you can see the first part Hemi like DJ Calot, another one, the days by Sophie Turner and it reads, I understand your pain. Trust me. I do. I've seen people go from the darkest moments in their lives to living a. Fulfilling life. You can do it too. I believe in you. You're not a burden. You will never be a burden. That's fire, man. feel like not so many of us thinks solution first is dwell goal. Sometimes it's denial. Sometimes it's shock a lot of back and forth till you finally say, you know what? Until I do something. I'm going to get the same fucking results One topic you can always cover when you're talking about mentors. Is fucking enzyme. That's going to be the talking point right now. Not even anxiety, not even how you deal with it. Just the fuck, bro. That fears, anxiety, nerves. Sometimes they stop us because we don't want to feel that uncomfortable feeling it. This has been the case for me for a long time because there's people. I know that they, I know they still freak out and get nervous and they still do it. And I admire that more than anything, people that take something and they just make the best of it. And that's what you got to do with the mental health. You got to find the way to make the best of it. We can't live. Perfect. It'd be great. If we can always think the best thoughts or minds can be a hundred percent heavenly, but no, we all got a little bit of darkness to it. You know what I'm saying? I feel like it's the ying and the yang. It's just, it's how you base balances. At the end of the day, but it still sucks. The uncomfortable. I know y'all, y'all feel me, man, because the majority of us go through it and I got covered in the last, in part. One was social media and everything. It doesn't make it doesn't make it easier because people see things that they don't have and they think it's real. But we all know it's an imitation in the nation. Like mental health is like, it has to do with us, but like, you know what I'm saying? Like the shit we got to deal with just living on this world, there's always some new thing to adapt to. Like it's understandable. And again, mental health to this day is still not as important. I feel like it's still not as, I see it getting better, but I feel like it's definitely needs to be high. On the priority list. We got to have ways for both techniques for both really found ways to give your brain a vacation, a little it's like giving your brain a mini vacation. One of those where it's just enough for you. And when you come back from vacation, you ready to get going? You ready to get started? You have to have those. I know some people was like, fuck outta here. When I'm on vacation, I never want to come back. But when you take a break and you love what you do, it's and you take the right amount of time off you just ready to come back. And it's like, you're better than me. Yeah, well, mental health. You've got to find different ways to see what works with people to see what works for you. Everybody gets affected differently. And everybody, there has to be something that there's something that can, God forbid, happens to us that can drivers to that point that we want to like, just numb our brains and bodies as much as possible. Cause certain traumas you don't even want to exist at the moment. You wish you can fuck it disappeared. And like, God ninja the foot clan, but you can't, you're not the invisible man, which was a freaky ass movie. There's some people that have like severe mental illnesses. My hardest boot shop. Can't be easy I came along. And I was talking to my boy, Jonathan man go through anxiety. Right. And getting to that, crossing that bridge to get to the good stuff. And what I was saying was that we always have to deal with it. Every single day, but every situation and think about the anxiety you went through, just getting to the point of starting just the idea of starting a podcast, anxiety that you pushed through. You crossed that bridge. Now you're here. 17 episodes later that, that, that means that I'm still alive. I'm still trying to. Honestly was trying to get to the upside to enjoy that part. So that anxiety just tells me that, Hey, it's a reality check. So you're going to walk carefully. So you get there and you're going to get there and not getting 17 numbers of later. So that was my whole point. Fido. I just, I just needed that realization don't take your mental health for granted. Make it your business to work on your mind. It's as important as classified information, Why does it have to happen to me? Because the truth is you can handle it totally normal to feel like you're losing your shit, but never forget. You're not alone So episode 18 originally I wanted to do what I did with my last season finale. But I feel like this season in call for it. So I just kept it simple and just. added all the things I wanted to talk about. The had to do with being on the construction and just, Finish the season strong. I I feel like I'm a work in progress. I feel like I'm always going to be in the construction. There's always things to work on. On your way to being your best self. Definitely was in a different place to season. but always always moving forward. And. Always gonna be in that lab, always gonna be in that lab, in the gym. working on the better me. Till I'm the$600 million man. But without further ado let's get into the This is episode 18, which is the age you realize you're still not old enough to do shit. Cesar finale under construction was going to go all out this episode, but I read somewhere. Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction. Well, I really read it. I saw it on Gotham It's been Munos quote of the day in this quarter. Today's by Lewis house. Very inspirational, dude. The key to happiness is really progress and growth and constantly working on your side. And developing something. Yeah. So on this last episode, I wanted to just wrap everything up, being in the construction, I feel like you should always be in the construction at some point in your life, and she should never be a last time The world's always changing. So we always got to find ways to improve our situation or whatever it is that we want to do. That's going to of course, lead to happiness, but. There's certain things that we can't skip or take a shortcut. Like you gotta go through it all take the route with the most resistance consistency, how important that fucking word is the legends, they consistently worked on their craft to build a wealth and love yourself and live the life that you want to live consistently. It's the difference maker fuck you to procrastination, whatever mental setbacks that's holding you back, whatever the fuck. If you weren't going on it consistently is only a matter of time before you see improvement it's easy to tell yourself. Yeah. I threw a Nader. I do a Monday. That's why a lot of successful people there. Yeah. Either a mentor or coach There's always someone that sees something that you don't, and maybe that can make the difference in your life. Discipline is extremely important, man. Like it's literally. It's right in line with consistency. I feel like discipline starts where motivation ends something. You don't feel like doing it, but just that it had just cause it has to get done. It's like one of the hardest things to do in life. Discipline is one of the highest forms of self-love. It is literally telling yourself that you would delay instant gratification and comfort for better things to come in the future. A lot of people see self love as spa baths and a fancy. But true self love is how you manage yourself in the face of adversity, how you talk to yourself and what you're willing to do to create the version of yourself that you can admire the most true self love is hard. Pause. It's the hardest, most rewarding thing you can never do. It's something that is earned day in and day out. best thing to do here is to worry about what you can control and what you can't let it be. Man, trust the creator, whatever going to be is going to be K say it. I can't say that, but there's a part where you got to leave it in the creator's hands. Dan Pena y'all know him from this school, show me your friends, and I show you your future. You want to know why you're off? Just look at the bums you're hanging around with One thing that can also help out is changing your mindset if the way you think and the way you do things now has led you to not a happy life for you doing the things that you don't want to do is try to tweak it a little bit, change some things around until you find something that works. And like patience is always a virtue, man. It's very important. Like things are not always going to happen right away, but if we give it time, give it consistency while being disciplined and incorporating these things into your everyday life. You'll see a big change. And in a matter of. You can have a whole different life. You need that as bad as you want to breathe the termination. And it reminds me of, there are people that they got on life support, been in comas, and there was a chance that they will never get up. And I got to believe that. A big reason is they had things they believed in that made them believe that they were going to be able to come about of this, that their determination was going to get them back to it. Never stopped working on yourself. Like biggie told Jay nobody built, like you do design. Learn from those who were in your shoes and walked in the opposite direction of the crowd. Do what most won't it puts you in another category that with the excuses, nobody gives a fuck I want to thank y'all man with Brock and with me, another seasoned man. Awesome time. The sun, the covers, the farmer, the father, the son. So in the end, the episode 18. I put a random clip. Was the clip was from Superman. I think, I think it was part one or part two. The original Chris Christopher Rees. And I always remember that part when he says the son becomes the father and the father becomes a son. And Recently not re well, not recently. I knew for a little while now. But the gender reveal was like about three weeks ago and I found out I was having. A boy and a girl. So I'm having twins. Me and my girls smile. We're very excited, very happy to be bringing these two beautiful babies into this. Tough world, but I'll teach him. To be the best. My first kids I've been waiting for them my whole life. Pretty much everything I've ever done. Has been, so one day I could be a father and I was. Blessed with two beautiful babies. They're doing November. So, I'm going harder than I ever went before. you thought the rimando show was good, these two seasons. Until I'm doing this full time. I got to take chances. And do whatever it takes to make this show. Amazing. So I could pass it to them one day. Maybe it can be the. The moon though, show. Featuring the twins. They might just want to do their own thing. But it'd be dope to have something I can pass it down to one of them in case, they want to be a podcast and I did that EO, It's tough for that. I really love and appreciate feedback. Any good or bad you can send me an Listen to any of my podcasts or leave any feedback on the website, which is You can reach me on social media. Twitter, Instagram, And if you want to be part of history, you can donate on PayPal cash app, Venmo, anywhere with money and opens. Accepted. Appreciate you always subscribe now. Final say. yeah, man, the season was dope. Had a great time recording. Now I'm just going to keep dropping bonus episodes. Episodes that I was supposed to like, feel like Phillip Thompson mentioned earlier. I want to thank everybody who gave the remainder show a chance. I want to think. My step son. J swab for doing the quote of the day. I want to take my wife. E for doing the final, say. My boy Rubin for doing the artwork. Once again. Another masterpiece. Going to have them on a bonus or going to try at least. everybody who gave it a listen, everybody who gave me feedback. Anybody who was involved in this. Project whatsoever much love to y'all. But yeah, man, love. Yeah, thanks for rocket with the Raimundo show. I appreciate your peace. Love Mundo. Out out out out