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April 20, 2021 Raymundo Season 2 Episode 18
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Consistency, determination and discipline. Those are the topics for this season finale. Listen as Raymundo discusses how these topics help with reaching goals and other important aspects in your life. It's not about just talking about doing it, it's about taking action! 

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Yeah. It's your host. Raimundo. Welcome to my show. Will we keep it a honey. Always work on improving. While at the same time, grooving. Still winning. Even when we lose. But this is episode 18. which is the age you realize you still not old enough to do shit. Cesar finale. On the construction. Was going to go all out this episode. But I read somewhere. Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction. Well, I really read it. I saw it on Gotham, like the fourth episode and I figured I'd use it for this one. But as always. My favorite part of the show. Let's go. It's Ben moon does quote of the day In this quota. Today's. Bye. Lewis house. Very inspirational dude. The key to happiness is really progress and growth. And constantly working on yourself. And the developing something. good. When I hear the worst thong thing. You know, nothing is right around the corner and you don't want to not do nothing. Dope. I listen to his podcast. really powerful stuff. So with this one, basically. As long as you doing something and. It's showing you that it's working. Happiness is not too far away. And we don't want to do anything if it's not going to bring us some type of happiness at the end of the day. I mean, you know, when you haven't seen somebody that hasn't seen you since you was a kid and what's the first thing they say, oh shit, yo, you sold tall. You this, you know what I'm saying? As soon as you started. Growing physically. it felt good. Like, yo, they noticing that I got told up. But the adult version of that, that you. Showing growth mentally. You were able to overcome some type of obstacle. Or do something that others find very challenging. And. It's almost like to them, you're like a different person. And the dope shit is that. The things money can't buy. Is the things that'll make you money. Like having those solid factors. Oh man. But anyway enough about the quote. Let's get into the episode. On the construction destruction. Action. You you're here. So. On this last episode, I wanted to just wrap everything up. Being in the construction. I feel like you should always. Be in the construction. At some point in your life. And she should never be a last time. The world's always changing. So we always got to find ways to improve our situation. Or whatever it is that we want to do. That's going to. Of course. Lead to happiness. But. There's certain things that we can't skip. Or take a shortcut, like we gotta. Go through it all. Take the route with. The most resistance. In the future. It pays off. Now to the nitty gritty. I don't know how this word hasn't come up in my podcasts a lot. I've mentioned it. To my supposed squad, but. Consistency. How important. That fucking word is like, I really want you to. Fill it with me. You know what I'm saying? fill that power, that, that word has. All the greats, the legends. They consistently worked on the craft. Those that you see happy, those that you see living. And I'm not talking about social media. The ones as you know, people that are really. Just genuinely happy. They have to consistently work on being happy. They know it's not something that is given, you know what I'm saying? You could be rich and still be miserable. So to be able to. Build the wealth. Love yourself. And. Live the life that you want to live. Consistency. Is the difference maker, like. It's your way of. Showing that you believe in yourself. Saying fuck you to procrastination. Whatever mental setbacks. That's holding you back. Whatever the fuck it is. If you weren't going on it consistently. It's only a matter of time before you see improvement. And I know sometimes it's easier for us to like back up. Cause, you know, we want to measure. We want to measure, like we want to measure our improvement. We want to see. What's different now that with. You know, with sacrificing. Honestly, the shit we really want to do, like, I really want to just watch man, Netflix and smoke a blunt and chill the fuck out. But you're saying shit don't work like that. I've been consistent in that and I've gotten nothing now. I need to be consistent in something. I need to be consistent in something that is going to make a difference for me. And the people I love and. Allow me to. Stop pushing. The greatness to decide. And. Indulging it. It's not easy because. Having accountability for yourself is easy. To forgive yourself. Or give yourself like an extra pat on the back. Is you I've been mad at me, like a little bit more mad than I should have been almost fucking. There's almost been a time. I don't know if y'all do it, but I'm almost. Left hook, right. Took my shit. Well, you know, it was easy to tell yourself. Yeah. I'll do it later. I'll do it Monday. That's why a lot of successful people, they have either a mentor or coach. LeBron James has a coach. Fucking Michael Jordan had a coach. Though we all feel like they were doing the coaching. There's always someone that sees something that you don't, and maybe that. Can make the difference in your life. Somebody you. That you care about? Their opinion, what they have to say matters to you? You could start trying to do that. Mastermind Alliance is great for that. Or accountability buddies where y'all all respect each other. Y'all don't want to let each other down. I mean, you could, like I said, you could do it with your family. Sometimes when you pay for it. You'll make sure that somebody holds somebody gotta hold you accountable. If you're paying somebody for that. But you got to work your way there. I'm trying to, once I make a certain amount of money. I'll definitely higher mental, but I'm hoping. You know, it could be somebody like Eric Thomas or Les brown. Not saying that it can't be anybody else. There's nobody else. That's the type of shit I'm trying to be on, speak it to existence. One thing that helped me. And it's gotten a lot of good feedback. Is a book called it's a book called compound compound effect. And this is just basically. Like, A lot of little things. A lot of little actions. That. Are in line with your core values. That gets you the big result at the end. And. It's a way to make you. Get away from that instant gratification that is so easy to fall into. Is that going to take too long to see results? I'm like, fuck it. To wrap up consistency. Read about it. Get in a group. Pay a mentor. If you can. Just don't leave it solely up to you. Unless you develop some type of. Military. Martial law discipline. I'm suggest you're going. You're gonna need that. You're gonna need some type of help. Whether it was getting an alarm clock. That flies all over the room to make sure you wake up to get started. There are so many different ways. Which leads me to my next topic of interests. Discipline. Like, whoa. Rest in peace, the black bra. Yo, if you have this. This is like, This is a superpower. we know those people. And those are the ones that you and bind them to a body that everybody's going to. But they're going to go work. Or you yourself might have been that person where, you could manage to do both. But. You want to make sure. You don't take no chances. So you don't even take the chance. Discipline is. Extremely important, man. Like. It's literally on the right in LA with consistency, I feel like. Discipline starts. We're motivation ends. Doing something you don't feel like doing it, but just that it has just cause it has to get done. It's like one of the hardest things to do in life. That's why. The ones that make the big books, the ones that. living those lives. Where they don't work anymore. They mastered that first, like it's. Something you have to do. And look, man, social media is part of the culture. That's not even front line is not. Sometimes you find those shit on there. On. I have a social media. If you, if you're not following when you need to be following. The Raimundo show. On on the gram, but yeah. Sometimes I come across. Some dope sane or some dope business opportunity. I ain't going to fry. Like my subconscious mind is used to just clicking. On. Those things that can help me with my career. And there's so many that I don't even know. I lost track. But I found something I wanted to share with ya. Discipline is one of the highest forms of self-love. It is literally telling yourself that you will delay instant gratification and comfort. Four. Better things to come in the future. A lot of people see self-love as spa baths And a fancy coffee. But true self love is how you manage. Yourself in the face of adversity. How you talk to yourself and what you're willing to do to create the version of yourself that you can admire the most. True. Self-love. Is hard. Pause. It's the hardest, most rewarding thing you can never do. It's something that is earned day in and day out. I originally read that into my head, but now that I read it out loud, give me a motherfucking flex bomb. Yeah, but. I don't even know what to tell you. discipline Is you telling yourself, yo, I love myself enough. To parent myself, teach them myself. Whatever it is. You need to tell yourself. And you've done it already this time that you wanted to do something, you did it. For the greater good. And you. It's been done. So you already have a history of it. Sometimes you got to take a look back. And just see. I know what stress is easy to get off track. so I have to stay disciplined, but you always got to. Remember, your why's your reason why your purpose, like. Why do you have to. You know, convince yourself or make yourself do something when you'd rather be doing something else. Trust me. I know people can protest to this. But the best thing to do here is. To worry about what you can control. And what you can't. Let it be, man. Trust the creator. Whatever going to be is going to be. Can't say it. I can't say that, but. There's a part where you got to leave it in the creator's hands. Like just let it be Life the universe, God, everything will work. Everything is just going to work out the way it's supposed to. That's been how with me, it works out at the end. But yeah, just to help you push through man, like. One thing that can help out and it's worked out for me. To stay on the track is. I'm laughing because. Is writing down what you did that day. But like being honest with yourself. So. You don't like my, my list would be like, aye. I had cereal. Look for jobs for like 20 minutes, but you know what I'm saying? I threw that J album on. And started playing PlayStation. For like three hours. It was like, damn I. So the next day you want your. You know your review to be different. Cause. Yeah, like I said, it's just a good way. To kind of like. No, keep you disciplined having goals. fucking journaling. writing down what you did for the day. All that shit helps out. Makes you remember too. when you want to tell stories and shit. Before I start talking about discipline. I heard some dope shit from this billionaire. Dan Pena. Yeah. Y'all know him from Show me your friends and I show you a future. You want to know why you're off? Just looking at the bums you hang around with But he said something that made me think like, wow, This is more important than we think like when they hit you with statistics shit Two-thirds of all fortune 500 CEOs have one thing in common military background, really two thirds of those two thirds have something else. Martial arts. What do you learn in martial arts? Brian? Discipline focus. A lot of people don't believe they deserve to be there. Crazy. I'm not joining the military. So I guess I'm gonna have to be like that. That nods line 36 in the karate class. And. Johnny already told you, man. Don't stop believing. That leads me to my next. Topic I wanted to cover is focus, man. Joe button's made a song about it back in the day. Very important to the culture. I'm not going to lie. This is hard to stay focused. I've been trying to learn. Some new skills. And I realized. That. To pay attention more than. A certain amount of time. It's just. Sometimes. Visiting them possible. What's dope is. I still. I'll put in the extra work. To learn what I got to learn. I love to learn. So. It's just paying attention, man. It's is. It's tough sometimes. Especially like with that phone, man, picking up that phone and shit. Sometimes I gotta raise my, my social media for awhile. I feel like sometimes the mess up momentum, like I'm doing something I'm all in it. I look at my phone. When I come back to earth. When not. When I get out of social media planet and I'm back. Is when I'm like, oh shit. And then my momentum is all over the place. So. Yo, like I'm telling you meditation works for everything to be able to master, sitting down for 10 minutes. Focusing Focusing on your breath. It's a way to start. Nothing you could do is increment that shit up. Break it, chop it down. Try to focus your best. For 10 minutes, take a break. Just don't stop trying to focus another 10 minutes, take a walk, take a break. Just don't go on social media. Cause you might not come back. Especially, like I said, I don't know about y'all, but I get lost there. And it's probably not what you think, what I'm saying is business ideas is always, it's crazy places you want to travel. Fucking alien videos is. it'll get you. Yeah, man, but let's go to the break. It's been a great first half. And yeah, man, I saw this. Oh, oh, one of my timelines and I just thought it was hilarious. I'm. Somehow I was going to make the show. I'm not going to hit you with that. The break. You know, my normal break. I'm gonna hit you with. This though. Yeah. Welcome back. Welcome back. Baby lungs. Welcome back. Welcome back. This is a national holiday. For some of us, we're just Snoop dog. It's four 20. Amongst other great things. I had to get right. Before in between the episode. Yeah, man. But We told them about being in the construction, working on yourself. You usually hear that term. When. Somebody went through some shit. And. They let you know that they worked on themselves. Or something's really getting fixed, like, with tools and things. Tools and sheet rock. And the website. Which mine is. Mine is also currently. On the construction. Well, not yet soon to be. I wanted to, you know, I want to talk about. Overthinking. Now Well, I'm not going to tell you You know, it was easy to just. Not do it. It's something we all do like, and then when we do the thing that we over-thought. We say, wow, why did I. why that give us so much power? So. We got to try to find a way to just think about what the fuck we want to do. And then just put trust. In the universe in the creative life. Whatever it is that you believe is going to motivate you, but. Yeah, man, overthinking doesn't help. Nobody like. When you get to that point, you start thinking about shit that. Don't even make sense at some point. And. Shit comes from left field. You know what I'm saying? That's how you add extra. Excuses of why you haven't done anything. Do what the law of attraction says and focus on what you want. Forget about what you don't want. Stop fucking overthinking them. Like. think of overthinking, like, like soda, right? You could drink soda. But if you fucking drink too much soda for a long period of time, you might fuck around and catch a kidney stone. Or some something worse. Think positive, relax your mind. Let your conscious be free. As if you were like rolling with the thugs from the ROC, That's the seagull in the house. One thing that can Also help out is. Changing your mindset. If the way you think and the way you do things now, Has led you to. Not a happy life for. You doing the things that you don't want to do? It's try to tweak it a little bit. Changed some things around. Until you find something that works for you. And like patience is always. A virtual man is very important. Like. Things are not always going to happen right away. But if we give it time, give it consistency. While being disciplined. And incorporating these things into your everyday life. You'll see a big change and. in a matter of time. You can. Have a whole different life. You'll read those memes that. You can have a whole new life in six months to a year. I really believe that. And what I love about this show is. It gives me accountability. The last time, the last episode nine. There was a lot of things I wanted to have in place. That didn't work out. Doesn't mean that it's over for me when it comes to those things, I will. Get it done. And I'll always be able to drop an episode to let you know. What I'm doing. So. Stay tuned. But, yeah, man, like I was saying, your mindset, your attitude. Makes the difference. you can't walk around. Like you hope something's going to happen. you gotta make that shit happen. And that brings me to my next talking point, which is. Determination. In the nation. And to get what you want. You need. That as bad as you want to breathe. Determination. And it reminds me of. There are people that they. Got on life support, been in comas and. There was a chance that they would never get up and. I got to believe that. A big reason is. They had things they believed in that made them believe that they were going to be able to come about. This that their determination. Was going to get them back to it, but it all started with the mind and then the body. I followed, I don't know. I think that's your works with this. Brings me back to a quote that Michael Jordan said, but it's the truth. There's people that. Try to make things happen. There's people that know there's people that want to make things happen. There's people that try to make things happen. And there's people that make things happen. So, no matter what the time is, no matter what the circumstance is. No matter what the weather is, whether you have everything functioning, as long as your mind is working, that you. Your heart is pumping. You can do something. And you can get to where you want to be. If you have that. Perseverance that. Stop at nothing like. When I used to do sales. One thing. One of the tactics was if God forbid, they had your family captured and you had to make the sale to get them back. Would you, do you know, would you do everything now? not to think about your family going through that shit, because that's fucked up it, that determination to save your family. If you could just apply that. You know, that. That passion that. Is going to happen. Imagine how different your life could be. And of course, man is easier said than done. Nobody says it has to be today and you don't have to do a for anybody. Don't get me wrong once you get it done. Once you're already doing it. You wouldn't have. Show off a little bit. Saying, why not? You. It's your world, but. Until then. Move in silence. Last podcast. I just shot at everything that I said I was going to do. I did a few. Didn't get the, get everything done. So this time. I'm just going to. Work on my podcast. Find ways to make it. Something I do full time because it's, that's the dream. But until then I'll be working with um, my bro Jaylen. Put me on to gain with the trading. Yeah, I'm going to be. Doing that. Making bonus episodes. And piecing together. My empire, well, I mentioned earlier the compound effect. Just going to get a lot of little things in motion. But. Right now I'm just trying to focus on. My family. Podcasting. And Forex. For those already doing Forex. It's dope. You can make money. Whether the market is up or down. Definitely an awesome skill to learn. I'm determined. all these things I spoke about today, you can kind of use them. To and apply it to anything, anything. I don't know if it's going to work for a girl, but maybe the consistency and determination and your mindset. My make the difference. Might be able to back shorty ass. Yeah, man. And it was this. It was a great season. I did. would help for my girls summer. Of course. I was able to do all these episodes. All production, me, everything sound, the fact, everything you heard. I was able to do it. But. In order to be successful. I gotta dig deeper. I got a, I gotta become a publicist. I gotta do all these things. To bring value to my show. my show is priceless, but. I need to add. A lot more value. And until I get that fully myself, I'll bring people on the show. Like I. I did a little bit this season. I just want to do it on a larger scale. There's a way to do it. And there's a, I just have to find a way how to figure it out. Because it's different for everybody, but. I'm gonna make the best of it. It's not always going to be fun and games. But I'm gonna try to laugh as much as possible. learning. Fuck it. I'm gonna make some mistakes, man. Cause. Without mistakes. We will never really learn. You really truly learn the way not to do something. Especially And there's a consequence to it. I feel like the consequences I have. If I don't get things done for me personally, mentally is no coming back from, so I got to be tip top. The best I could be. Like, I'm trying to be on Like, I'm trying to apply for the army. I probably used that joke in the past. Fuck it. Yeah, man. I really. I'm really trying to get to this. Greatness. Already normal to be successful. I'll never stop. I never will. you can't stop somebody that won't quit. What happens when an unstoppable force meets in a movable object? Shout out to the joke girl. He bled. Yeah, man. Let's get into the. Cola action. Final. Say. Last one or the season might be different next year I really love and appreciate feedback. any good or bad, you could send me an listen to any of my podcasts or leave any feedback on the website, Which is you can reach me on social media, Twitter, Instagram, And if you want to be part of the history, you can donate on PayPal cash app, Venmo, anywhere with money and help is accepted. Appreciate you. What ways? Mundo? Raymundo's final. Say Never stopped working on yourself. Like biggie told Jay. Nobody built like you, you design yourself. Learn from those who were in your shoes. And walked in the opposite direction of the crowd. Do what most won't. It puts you in another category. Another league. Do what you have to now. So you could do what you want later. Start with the excuses. Nobody gives a fuck. If you're not where you want to be. Less work more than we chill. Practice makes better. Like Tom Hopkins once said. And be patient. Eventually. The progress has show like a pregnant woman. That's nine months. Never stop learning. You'll get through the bullshit life throws at you. But there'll be a day. That everything makes sense. And all your pain. There'll be champagne. But I want to thank y'all man. Rocking with me for another season, man. This was awesome time. It was eventful for me cause I did a lot. I always kept it a buck. The love of feedback I've been getting has been. Off the hook, man. the show was going places. I'm always going to try to. I'll do myself the year before. Season three, the growth. it'll be out late this year until then. It's just going to be bonuses. I kind of want to see. what direction I can go in, other than just self-help I just want to. See how versus how I could be. I love y'all man. I appreciate ya. So next time. Peace, love Mundo. Ah, Okay.