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Did I Do That

November 14, 2022 Ray Gonzalez Season 4 Episode 44
The Raymundo Show
Did I Do That
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We all make mistakes in life, there's just no way around it.  Your life is a result of decisions, mistakes that you've corrected or ignored. Raymundo discusses the importance of living a life free of worrying of messing up.

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year, year, year. It's your host, Ray Mundo. Welcome to my show where we relate, create, Have some fun. And hopefully become better in the process. But this is episode 44. Did I do that? Yeah. We talking about the mistakes. we all gotta go through 'em to be better, but you know how we do things. Let's go let's go. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes by Maha ma Gandhi dope quote because, perfectionism. It's not real. I think we get fooled by TV cuz you always get, the happy ending or you don't get to really, they put the struggle in like maybe 30 to 45 minutes of the movie, You think that's how it's going to be in real life and it's not. And you're really not free if all you're doing is worrying about the mistakes you're gonna make instead of the progress you can have, and the lessons you learn from the mistakes, the quicker you learn them the quicker you won't be. You know, you have a formula. You won't be tied down to thinking you. Do everything in one shot, You know what I mean? Like a lot of rappers, they take a lot of takes. Not everybody could be ho, you know what I'm saying? One, taking it shit. The best artists sometimes had to go in the booth a million times, make mistakes, but that didn't make the song whack. They still made classic songs. I don't really like to use Duke, but. I think it was Edison that failed 10,000 times. Or, or in, in some cases they might say 10,000 times. Like the people he had working with him failed for, for him failed. And then he took the credit But, you know, I, I, this ain't history class. Even though I be on my social study shit, now lemme stop. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, in every story that got someone that made more mistakes and they still enjoy life and they living, the more you wanna follow them. I know for me that's been the case when I hear someone that, was similar to me, like was scared to take action. Was always caught in a cycle and they finally broke free, from the things that were holding them back. And, and they didn't, you know, they stopped letting mistakes to define them and used their mistakes to defy the situation and made it better. That's why I was like, That's why the greats really stand out. Like when you really try to overcome shit where everything's stacked against you and, and you do it and then when you try to do it, you be like, Wow, it really take somebody really willing to go through the fire to do this. It's the only way to do it cuz it's gonna be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to the point that you think you doing something. That's how uncomfortable I get. I'll be like, Yo, I'm doing son's not right cuz I'm mad, Uncomfortable Oh yeah man. I wanted to do this episode for a while too, man. Cuz you know what I'm saying? My son article, every time he fucked up he just be like, Did I do that? You know? And we know he know he did it, but he made light of messing up. And even though he made a whole booth to be somebody else. Yeah. Yeah. So he bought the booth to be better, to get a girl and. Steve Urkel was the man the whole time, like. Real talk. Like, I think I mentioned this before. But he was tough. It was on his mind. He was smart. He was creative. he just had the wrong idea The woman was. And. The seasons is as him acting like a fool. But a full, full of love. I mean, he ain't, he ain't care, but. Like how you end up there's mistakes that I'll do that, then try to fix it with some cheese. Oh, they get to a poker party. But anyway, let's get into the episode. Did I do I don't know how to say let's get into the episode that I do that. Let's go. When you get into this. The zone where. Is perfect. Affection or nothing. You know, that's that's. A lose, lose situation. Cause. It don't exist. I mean. You have everyone. Has. What the idea of perfection is. But. It's more about the feeling right. When you're doing something new when you're trying to overcome something. It's going to feel. Like Like you will not Ireland on some Tom cruise shit. You know, or something. Also Tom Hank shit, you got Wilson. Did. And you, you ain't got nothing. Basketball. Hold this ball. Paul or that I don't even remember what it was. You know, Changes. Messy in the beginning. Okay. In the middle in amazing at the end. They don't tell you how, How much of, of like a real. Bitch it is, you know what I mean? Like it's a real. You used a certain way. You bought, you know, the brain and the. Mine. Loves routine. And, you know, and when you try not to make mistakes, all you do is. You know, Like you walking on eggshells. And me Personally like. From younger. I don't From school, but like anytime I made a mistake, it was like, Like the world ended. Right. and it was crazy since I know that. So I know that like, it's tough to live like that when I see someone like that. I'm always trying to tell him, like, yo, it don't need to be like that. If you don't start. You know, if you don't start working on that shit now. You're going to have a life for stress. And I, and I noticed when you. when you, when you not Google, make a mistakes. Or failing at something. You're going to start. Going to things that make you feel better or make you even forget. You know that you ain't good And Thing to write like, I've been reading you. I listened to a lot of. Positive. Speakers. And they say, yo, the only way. I got. Really good is because I was willing to be bad in the beginning. And. Easier said than done, like. No one likes to be bad. You know what I mean? Like. That's why like this there's things you probably want to do that are. Fun. Or sounds fun. And you won't do it because you're going to look bad doing it like this, somebody that's Donabell. But they know they never bowled before and they don't want to look stupid out there. You got to look stupid until you looks Yeah. It's just, it's just, it is what it is, man. You think. Mike. Was looking like that when he first started balling I'm sure Mike was. Fumbling Odie. And he's so competitive. He just was like, yo. Sleep. Eating. Whatever, anything else can wait to after basketball. And sometime it take that. Dedication. But let me tell you something Able to make mistake after mistake or rejection after rejection. Section of failure after failure. Keep going. Bro like That's. That's where you want to be, man. You don't like the seasons change things change. And. Got to change. At some point, right. Weather. Your maturity, whether Your responsibilities. Or your job or the state, there's something always. Going to be different. So. Got to learn to adapt, to change in. And, you know, make the mistakes you need to make. So you can make the change that you need to make. Cause I feel like it's the only way to that. To that side where like, You know, you, you, you experiencing true freedom. Cause you. You going after. What you want. And every. The time you make a mistake. You pretty. Pretty much. Ramp up. Okay. What did I do here? Make sure I don't do this. And then when you, when you go do. And you don't do that. You won't do something else. You know, that's just what it is. Until you found your lane that works for you. I you Make mistakes. Correct them until you find something. That works for you. A lot of y'all. Holding yourself Because you don't want to be bad in the beginning. And you don't want to fuck up. But you got But We're going to have to fuck up in order to fuck shit up. You understand what I'm telling you? You want to be that person that just like. You know, those people. There's a lot of people. Dungog. Crazy battles. It'll scars. You know what I mean? You ever see a movie? And the guy, you know, he'd been in jail, he'd been through some shit and he'd take off his shirt. You see all the cup marks, all of that. Like people have. Have that emotionally. And. It's like they forgot his dead cause they saw in their light. You want to find the way to get to your light? And there's no easy route. There's no. You could be mistaken. Stake free, but you can't be debt free. Come on Jeffrey. Coming master You know, it was crazy. I'm dead ass debt free. But. Credit as a Whole nother story. Back to you. Back to you Bruno. And what is it about? You know, making mistakes, failing. Like rejected. What is it about these things? Right. That affect this. Right. So. One thing we worried about what other people think. And. You know, it comes back. Back. It goes back to our ancestors. Being accepted was. Part of living like. The way you have to drink water and eat. If there wasn't. Part of the tribe. You know, they could have got killed in the wilderness. No protection, no help. System, the GRI, of course you want to be. Accepted, but you know, when you live your life based on other. Exceptions, but chores. You'll never truly have a. A free life or. A meaningful life. And then you won't, you won't really develop integrity, which is like, probably like the most important. Thing in the world. Cause. If you only do stuff when. Nobody's watching or. You only work hard when you feel like Let me tell you something you ain't for a long ride. Shit. And I talk about uh A road trip from LA to Miami. Yeah. So w you know, we worry about what other people think. We get caught up in that. Another. You hated the That you felt. When you messed up last time. So. So you try your best to not do it again. And, you know, it was crazy. Sometimes should be the opposite. The more you try not to fuck. Fuck up the more you fuck up because all you got on the mind is all. The Mon I think processes, fuck. I'll fuck up. Like now I'm trying to do great. Not that I'm trying not to fuck up. your word placement in the way you use them. Definitely make a. And I feel like. your manifestation shit brings it. It into purpose. Like they, we say, you know, don't say you're going to quit this. No one say I'm gonna live healthy. Or you know, You know, almost stop. GaN hot. Nah. I'm gonna start just being high off life. No crazy. Just some small changes. And I think. Sometimes. You know, we don't want to mess up cause. It's safer not Right. Everybody likes to be safe. Every like everybody likes to be comfortable. You don't even put yourself out. There you will never got to fill that. Fill it. But if you can't. Experienced past how you feel. You'll never. Be able to manage state manifest that life. That. That you really want And it's in your hands to create Once you start letting go of. All the things that held you back. And look. At them not as. Something that you even have to. You make people fuck up. Look at it as something as part of the process, you saw something. You make mistakes. You. You revamp. Until you find the formula. And then, you know, as far as like, Just life stuff. Whether you got to take a class, whether you gotta read a. You got to forgive yourself. Right. It's things in life. We wish we never said things in life. We wish. We didn't do. And this things in life we wish. The differently. Oh, w even we even wished that we could have been perfect. But The world doesn't work that way. Yeah, it doesn't work that But yeah. Well, another reason too, is. Not learning from other people's mistakes too. Right? Cause. You don't see other people fuck up. You hear stories. You watch. Movies. And then you get this fear. Having the same. Having the same result as another person. Now. Well books, do a videos. Do what these other. People that make mistakes. Do it's kind of give you like. I don't know, almost like a little blueprint. Okay, don't go around this. You know, The percentage of people that go through here. They experienced this, but this is how they handle this. I've said it before, I feel like when. When you get analytical. You ain't worried about miracles. Because it just means you dead eyes. And you know, when, When you dead ass. Because you'd be dead as about shit that you don't need to be dead. Ass about, but when you just start being dead ass, About. Your future. Your life. Your standards. And most importantly, your integrity, your self-respect a nothing like your self-respect. And being able, being able to fuck up and keep. Keep going, man. You'll respect yourself because a lot of. People don't ever come back. From mistakes. Takes. It's too tough I'd rather take the road, not traveled. No. I said it wrong. They rather take. The role that everybody been traveling on. They've had to take the road that everybody. Been traveling on. Instead of the. The bumpy road, which I don't blame you, you Like. Am I going to go to the down the block? You know, with all the. All the dudes that like to start trouble outside. Outside and music pumping, and there's not even no room for you to. To walk in the sidewalk, but you're going to look like a bird. If you walk in the street, like you Or you going to go down It has a saying on. Fucking Springfield. I mean, I know it's been unfilled. I just sounds. Like a nice black, I don't think this was done on purpose. Well, you know, every, every black does Martin Luther king. Is. It is live. I mean, like, this is a crazy. The coincidence.


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So we will be here talking about fucking up steaks. One thing that. I will say the good thing about. About mistakes. Is that you. You know, it showed. That you try that you did something. F for whatever reason. It just didn't work. And. You know, you have a mistaken instead of a regret. And It's. I feel like that's an awesome thing. Well, the, I wanted to get into people that are. On top of other people that. Make mistakes. As if they don't make mistakes. I know, you know, you can give you opinion. Even giving you 2 cents for But you can't. I, this is how. I feel you can't get on people. So hard. Full mistake. Steak like you don't make mistakes. You know what I'm saying? Like, Like just because you didn't make that mistake. Don't mean that you're better than, than everyone or better. Other than that person, because Yeah, you didn't make a mistake and post some shit that we'll use as opposed to post. But you cheat on your wife or you disrespect your family Or, you know, all types of other shit. And it's crazy. I feel baffled entertainers, athletes, like. Everything they say. Is I magnified. You know, and. Got re posted something. He didn't know it was going to hurt a lot of people. And you know, me, myself, I saw the documentary because I wanted. Wanted to see what it was all I didn't see anything hateful. I literally just saw. A man that In something. And try to find proof the backup. Well, he believed in. Yeah, my make feel, make people feel. Uh, uncomfortable, but. I don't think he did this documentary vindictively or to try to put. Other people That's just my take from it. He Followers out there documents that will already. In circular. Circulation. He didn't make anything up. You know, I'm not, like I said, I'm not agreeing with anything. I'm just. This is my. Evaluation of it. And I know. Your own perception can get you in trouble. We can get you canceled. I just, I went very lightly. I feel, I feel. There's more fillable, but. Honestly, it's not worth expressing but yeah. When you on that when you in. When. And the limelight. Every mistake. Is magnified. You know, we, the truth is we get Uh, we get treated differently. Depends where you come from. Well, I don't like is for this mistake. They make him roll You know, they want. I want him to. Do all this ask us and pretty much. And I don't recall. And from my. Recollection when somebody uses the N word or say some shit against They just do one apology and they're back on. I. I remember when I miss. Called, uh, a girls black basketball team. He called them nappy headed hoes. He got a radio job after that. He didn't get. Yeah, he lost that job, but he wasn't. I just found out what was crazy. I see the world for what it is. Man. And from school, Um, you A lot of things. You can make a mistake. Right. And if you do make a mistake, I feel like. We live in a culture where like, You can't feel bad for someone Not to make another one. Sometimes. You get put through a fire that. And makes. Other people not want to do it. But, like I said, I don't remember. I remember being real. Confident man, when I was younger. And going And, you know, feeling confident in raising my hand and just get in like, The teacher just. Not telling me I was wrong in a way that. Feel more confident to the point that I just. I've always knew the answers. So a lot of questions and I never raised my hand because I just didn't want to be wrong. Like I probably was smarter than I realized. Every time. I would think about the answer. I wouldn't raise my As someone will say the answer. Or there's been times I told someone the answer and they want to raise their hand until the answer just because I didn't want to, I didn't want to be wrong. You know, and it could be from Things could be from certain things in my town. I just know that. Me making mistakes and me. Dating myself. In a way, uh, I guess it's so constantly. I want it to be perfect. And led me to. You know what I'm suicidal. Saddled thoughts while like I rather. Now. Not be here than to live with this mistake. And that came from. Thinking about where other people. view me as, and I would use my age. It's a compare and then people will get on me. Like they didn't make. Make mistakes. and I know with the types cause. You know, you can shut them down, you know? When they want to come at you like I could hit you with 20 mistakes, I never been that dude that want to fight fire with fire. You know what I mean? Kamiya suck a bitch or whatever. It'll suck a pitch. I just never felt To compete or. I'll match Energy, but not. You know, not nothing, not something, not Agree with. And it's crazy, right? Because other people make mistakes I'm so forgiving. And. You know, I wish you and I hope you get better. I don't want you to. Hang on to that because it already happened. You can't go, you can't change it. Or you could do is. Uh, change how you do things moving And. That's a part of a given those mistakes, Schultz. Short term memory. And. Moving forward. Because you don't want to stay stuck there. They'll stay Mistake land. Is the worst. The theme park, you can. All the. The rods. Don't worry. All the rides have scary. And the ones that do work, you scan it. It might beat you scanned that they might make a mistake. And then. It's crazy. And then when you get into the Super worry mode. You start worrying about everything that. You have no control over and once you're there, you've gone too far. My friend. Cause you gotta think about it. Like what's. What's the worst. Worst that can happen. when you fuck up or things get fucked up. And you make a mistake. One thing that I hope gives you. Strength. It gives you. You know what I mean? Like. That that inspiration is that. I know who you are. When she's not going your And because when everything's going good. It's so easy to be good. Right. Like that doesn't make you different from anyone. That's why the champions. All the ones. That. Even though shit. Going good. Sometimes in that places where they find. Their best selves because yeah. Doesn't take a rocket size to do shit when they feel. Good or when she's going good, but to do shit when you feel like shit, So you don't have to feel. That should again. that's the shit that add pieces to mine. That's the shit that. Add that self-love, that's a, that's a reflection of self-love. You understand what I'm telling? You. And self-love is not a saying it's. Not that you look in your mirror, like, I love you. I love you. Beautiful. Gangster. Rrr now. NA self love is the actions you take. That show your. Mom, body and soul that. You play as nothing else above it and no You know, no one else, like. the. The way you would take care of, of your kid. I don't like when my kids have sugar. I've said before. I don't like when they watch And CV. Need to have that. Well, cause I need to give them the best foods I need foods with. No chemicals in them. You know, eventually in the future. Hopefully I can have a farm. So they can just know every time they eat. It's coming from. know, they don't have to question where things came from or anything. that's I'm working for everything I'm building. Is for my Of mine, of course. And, and no peace of mind if my baby's not being taken care of and. Being able to get the. The best chance. You know, in the life that. Does it. Want us to think. Right. I ain't gonna fall. We live in a society where we. Think about it, if they want to you to think, why did they. Things to distract you from thinking you have a think about that. What I'm saying, like, Everyday Netflix video games. Amazon You could be on, you won't even realize you'd be, you'd be on Amazon. On the website. Site four. Fucking two hours. Looking. At different types of jump ropes, different kinds of companies, different types. You know what I mean? Like, and I ain't gonna find. It is the colors, the way this, the display, all that shit. They know. The colors in the science man. So. What you could just, you don't even have to wait two days. We ain't even got to live your crib. You patient, that shit works for you. And if you, if, if you got to take public transportation even better, Right. Thinking about all Packages that you pay for, you probably could have the call to even just go. You. Don't go to the store gold award godless stuff. yeah, man. So usually I do all this research. All these things you can. I do, but the truth is. but to do it. Mistake use of scale. We'll make a mistake, make a mistake on purpose. Do everything you wanted to do? That you were afraid to do because you. You didn't want to fuck up. Like. You know, there's been times. That. I wanted to be involved in something, but just already thinking about fucking. An experienced loss forever that I can never have. And I know the difference because when I, when. There was a point. In my life where I welcomed embarrassment, I welcomed. Failure mistakes, because I knew I can laugh in the face of it because. My confidence. My energy With the creator. Like I was just like, I just trusted everything. And at some point I stopped trusting. And when you stop trusting. Like, whatever you believe in, right? Cause. Recently. Really, I started listening You know, some religious stuff. And it was great. Great. you know, me. Aye. What got to me Things that were universal. Where like, didn't matter if I Was associated with any church or anything like that. It was just like, yo. Like. What's in you. Like. I'm sorry, you don't need a book. You don't need no one to. I tell you like, You know, And sometimes it doesn't get confirmed until you hear it. We just, you know, Paolo words. And. Sometimes having something you already know. It makes a difference of you saying it to yourself. You know what I'm saying? So. And, and sometimes you don't see. The mistakes you keep making because you're too in it. To see it I've been using the example lately. You know, those people that be like, oh, you know, you just like, get. The parrot Well, this is the Like there was this, the British. You know, she's a little bit like a mom, so a lot. But she don't see. And I mean, we see it, everybody. See it. But she's too winded But yeah. Sometimes when you, you fucking up, you just think. You know, sometimes you got to. You got to change. Change up the game of you still. Have you still, if you see that every time You go this route. She gets messed up, go a different route. Try something new. And there's something Yeah, you might get it in the first shot, but you gotta be fine with not getting on the second. And the third. It should never be about. Whether you do good or you do Bad, whether you successful or whether you fail, what matters is. That you go try wholeheartedly. That you put your, everything in it. And. You make sure that Don't go in vain. Make sure that. You're going to correct it. So you'll. Be ready the next time. Overpaid. But, um, you know, I love y'all man. This was a great. Great episode. This was a tough episode. This was a tough week. my twin babies just turned. One years old. I can't believe a year has passed, has been. An amazing experience, Ray and Riah. I love being a dad. No, I just, I'll never. And anything. Uh, When. When it's 3000 years from now. And. Somehow they, somebody. Digs up my casket or finds Uh, video or audio. Going to know that I became dude I could possibly be. For you. And all them. In all the mistakes. I made. Didn't stop. Life or God or the universe, whatever is in control. From giving me that amazing. Grace that those, those. My beautiful blessings. But with that said, let's get into the. Final say. And that. Tom If you make a mistake. It's okay. I know perfection sounds heavenly. But as a recipe for disaster. You want the formula? Fucking It's one of the main ingredients. But if you think about it, It's like working out in dieting. Sucks. In the beginning. But when you see that six pack showing. A little muscle. I guarantee you won't be complaining. Think about the stories that inspire you. Make you say damn. If they went through that. Or did that and still made. I could do it too. The lessons we learn. It's up to us to share how we forgave ourselves or forgave others, even if they weren't a sorry. So those who are trouble, the generations that come after that. okay. Uh, mess up could only define you. If there's no means for correction. And know that. Almost stake is not the end. Most important part of your story. What you do after. Is what you always remember. I like to thank y'all for joining me. On this amazing episode on this amazing If this is your first time. Or you will regular are. Appreciate you. Love Hope you have the best week possible. I hope you go through the week, making mistakes, knowing that they just going to make you Because there's proof. Of legends. That thought. Oh, the world thought they will never come back from And. Two Chainz was titty boy. You know what I'm saying? Like, And now everybody. He knows who he is. That name was a mistake. And who's going to take you serious. But yeah, Oh, man, till next time. Peace. I love Mundo. Uh,