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Laughter ( The Best Medicine

August 14, 2022 Ray Gonzalez Season 4 Episode 31
The Raymundo Show
Laughter ( The Best Medicine
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Laughter is the best medicine isn’t just a saying. It’s proven to be good for your mental, physical and emotional health. Have a few laughs while listening to this episode with special guest and comedian Barry Laminack. Tune in to hear them talk about how important it is to have laughter in your life and Barry’s story of going from being a funny guy to a comedian. 

Special Guest: Barry Laminack

IG: @Barryondeck
Twitch .tv/barryondeck 


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Ye a year is your host Raimundo and I'm here filling good filling, right? Even a little righteous. I might just But this is episode 31. the best medicine, It's obviously about comedy laughter because I can't picture a world without it, So year man, the quote of the day, I had different options. I wanted to go with so many I feel like I could have wrote that shit, no plagiarism. I feel like in another time, if you went to quantum in another place, I wrote that shit. but you know, we can't stop put out my shit. Let's go let's go. When we begin to take our failures non seriously, it means we are seizing to be afraid of them. it is of immense importance to learn to laugh at ourselves. You aren't going to fry, get a flashback. Yo, when I heard that shit, I'm just like, Aw man. Yeah. I laugh at myself all the time. You gotta be able to laugh shit off because sometimes it's not worth it. You lose your whole day. I've lost 10 minutes that I cannot get back on some dumb shit. it's great to be able to laugh at your failures. I remember like the things I would be really stressed about in the past, like being able to joke about them later and also seeing the friends that I told the most information to all the family members look at me like, Oh shit, is he joking? About some shit that went wrong for him. And now he like, he's that good as a good feeling? Cause I got to feel that from the other side of the fence, Speaking about comedy, why? So, so yes, maybe think of a famous joke, a line in dark night, a great movie. Well, actually that shit is not a great movie. It's a classic movie. But yeah, man, why don't we need laughter anytime I went through some shit, it was always, my, my turnaround was always all right, how can I help somebody else from going to that shit? of course I had to do an episode about laughter. can you imagine the world? It will be a whole bunch of. Me Phasma fuck is all day. Just, there'll be a whole bunch of people just grilling each other. You know what I'm saying? Not having laughter in the world is like not having seasoning in food, rhythm and music. You're like, yo laughing is just so fun. That's always the indicator like yo. I never remember laughing that much. That shit makes you want to go back, you know, was great. And I was reading like in my research, I was reading that Plato thought that having a sense of humor was like bad for your wellbeing. Like he wasn't with none of that. Yo, we need to laugh, man. but there's places where I'm pretty sure you could get killed for laughing. I don't know how it is in other countries. I know that we supposedly really lucky cause. Shit in other countries you could get killed just for an accusation. So it's a joy to be able to laugh, legally and for yourself is very needed, man. Yeah, with everything happening. I need to appreciate every time you smile, every time you laugh, it was you giggled like a little baby. Your sone laughter like your body needs air man. there's inevitable as in life that require a lot of mental energy. I've been through a lot of hardships my smile always makes the difference. I'm sure I said this before, when you smile, whether you're happy or not, it sends like a signal to your body, like cheer the fuck up. this is the no laughing matter. This one is called I know milk is usually known for this, but laughter does It does. It does good for everything. Make sure my lighter it can actually cause like physical changes in your body. So which I didn't even notice it, yo, when you laugh, it stimulates organs it lets you intake. Like the, that rich air oxygen. Which I don't know if that's true. Cause I cough like a motherfucker when I be laughing. What's another thing I learned. Oh yeah. It's all your heart, your lungs, your muscles and increases, you know, that, that shouldn't, that when you work out the endorphins, your laughter causes the same gives you the same shit. And it's like, it's like the answer to stress, man. Like, That's the response, like when you can laugh in the face of stress, which I haven't managed yet, But I'm definitely on the road. But yeah, I just went over like the short term, what laughing does, We can't laugh all fucking day? Laugh now cry later business before pleasure. One thing I didn't know is when you laugh, your body produces like his own natural. Vicodin. You know, when you guys like it's a pain is shake. You take that, right. Get to know one of them pills for your tooth and you just feel so relaxed. Well, laughter does the same thing, man. And you kind of see it. when people like that, they have, the doctor tells them they got six months to live or whatever amount of time And they just, they ended up living a whole bunch of years after just living in the moment and believing past what the doctor says. And fucking enjoying life. And then part of enjoying life is laughing your ass off. I'm pretty sure LMA FAO, Ella, Mayo, or LOL is like one of the most used fucking words. I know. Shout out to the NSA. They probably know more than me. Shit. I just saw that movie Snowden. Robin played that role. I forgot his name. I think Jackson, But his name, you know, he was robbing and dark Knight rises and he was, he was my son on third rock from the sun. So, yeah, man, shit increases your mood. it lessens your depression just kind of like another reason why I say this is the best medicine, that was give you all these prescriptions that you got to depend on. And it's crazy. Like one of the best things that you can use is right at your disposal. You gotta find ways to laugh, even purposely cause, I used to take everything serious. And, you start realizing that shit comes up for some buildup, anger that you kind of let build up on the side and, Hey, sometimes we just got to laugh it off and find ways to get there. So when something happens, you just gotta take a James harden, step back, think about it and laugh at your mistakes. Laugh at your failures. Laugh at the shit you thought wasn't going to change. You'll be better. And just keep working on it, man, because at the end of the day, what you do, what you do is what defines you. And I hate to bring up another Batman reference, but this is Batman. The beginning Batman begins when Rachel Dawes Tom cruise. Ex-wife Dan, the chip from Dawson's Creek, man, Katie Holmes, Holmes what's up Katie Holmes. It was a dope line that just always says the movie. I've just been thinking about it. Even when I didn't embrace the line, it's a powerful line, man. What you do defines you. So you do what you gotta do. Learn from your mistakes. Find a way to smile and have a good time. what are some things that we can do to keep laughter in our lives? Me personally, I picked up this habit. I picked up this technique. I like to call when I go through, like, when I go through serious stress, this is like one of my gold twos and there's watching cartoon movies. Either clack cartoon shows called two movies because to me There's a lot of things that take me to a place where happy time. Right. when you think about it, when you watch cartoons, you wasn't worrying about shit. our parents were there. Life was much simpler, so we do a lot of things to get away. Anyway. when I watched cartoons, it's just a laugh at just. Adult comedy that that is supposed to be for kids. It's just hilarious. And then you get older than this shit that we grew up on. It's like, damn son, I, that ass wouldn't have got this joke. I wouldn't have got this joke as a kid, but as an adult is hilarious. So I could, and I could still watch it. Like when you young, they always tell you all this shit you got to stop doing when you get older. Some shit is just self-explanatory. yo, my go-to movie was, the pen was a matter of gas car, man. they broke it to Fort Knox. It's a fucking Cheetos and stuff. This is hilarious, there's other forms of entertainment like comedians. My go-to right now off the top of the dome. Chappelle. It's not easy to make people alive seriously, you can't make everybody that I have. So comedian's job is just like getting the majority of people that think that they're funny. And I think Kevin Hart does a great job. Certain Martin movies, Mo Martin got to fucking, yeah, I would say two classic stand-ups my favorite is you so crazy. Which I want to see now that I'm a grown ass grown ass man. I saw that shit way before it was supposed to it's crazy. Cause as I got older, the immature through life and went through the experiences, I fucking heard them for instance, on, on, on that mountain stand though, that shit was raw, but I learned some shit. I remember one time. I went somewhere where I was too young to get everywhere and fucking yo Richard Pryor. I w as the first time I got to listen, got to watch a Richard Price stand up. You and I was in tears, like my stomach. I had pain in my stomach. Like I had to turn the shit off and I ain't gonna front. That was one of those moments where I was like, yo, man, I wish I could do it. I wish I could be a standup comedian man. Cause. For your job to be the main people do something that you love to do that gotta be rewarding as fuck. Yeah. So shout out to Steve Harvey, shout out to all the legends because comedy is just big in my life as big on my podcast. Speaking to comedians. It will be dope, have a high one on the shore that could help me with this episode. I say laughter's the best medicine and I have someone who's a doctor in that field. Uh, professional when it comes to making people laugh. He's a national touring comedian sports talk vet. I want to welcome a special guest to the show ladies and gentlemen barry lamb and nerc Hold on. Did I say it right

Barry L:

You dare, you nailed him. Do like one of the Few people that gets a ride, they always add an eye or now, you know, lemon sack. It's like, that's not even close. What did you get lemon sack from? Thank you, man. Thanks for having me. I'm excited about this.

She I'm excited myself. Always wanted a comedian on the Raimundo show. Just glad we was able to make it happen. Um, But tell my audience where you from. And a little bit about what you do

Barry L:

Yeah, ma'am born and raised here in Houston, Texas. Uh, don't hold that against me. It is a fine city


Barry L:

I dunno. I dunno. Still tip it on four folks wrapped in four folks all ready. uh, yeah. Don't I mean, Texas is way worse than Houston. Houston is a, is a Texas. I can't say I'm the most proud Texan in the world, but I am a proud Houstonian. Houston's a great city, Texas, not so much, but you know, you deal it, whatever. Uh, but I'm a nationally touring, standup comedian, like you mentioned, I spent seven years in ESPN radio here in Houston, talking sports. I host a TV show here in Houston called Houston sports show on CW 39. And it comes on on Saturdays. You go watch it on the internet. If you care about Houston sports at all, mostly, it's mostly just fun and talking mess. and yeah, and I'm a Twitch streamer now. I, uh, I was laid off, from ESPN radio in may of 2020, because of COVID. I mean, I didn't have it. That's not like where they fired me, but they were just like, ah, we just don't have money. I was like, all right. So. I didn't know what I was going to do. Man. I was in radio was my day job and comedy was my night hustle. And a lot of my fans were like, dude, just start your own show and we'll watch that. And I was like, okay, so I did,


it's crazy. How much things started from something like the pandemic happened there? it causes people to really start doing things.

Well, I'm curious, like what made you start streaming?


I was just bored and I never had any ideas of streaming or anything. And, uh, when the pandemic happened, we were doing radio from the house and I literally never left the house. I would, I would wait. My show was from one to 4:00 PM local time. So I'd get up. I'd I'd work, but nobody was going anywhere. And my wife's a nurse and she was of course, terrified of what was going on and what she was seeing. So I would literally go grocery shopping, like once every two weeks. And that was the only time I left that. So out of boredom, I was like, you know what I'm going to do at night. I'm just going to interview my friends live on YouTube. Cause I had a YouTube channel and I was, and so I did that for like a month and a half and then I got laid off and everybody was like, well, what you were doing there? Just do it. I was like, oh, okay. I think that was the universe's way of preparing me to lose my job. They were like, you know what, go learn this skill you're going to need And you weirdo habit for me to,

I lost my job when, um, when the pandemic hit. And, uh, I started the podcast. Not because I was bored because, but because I needed to do something because of not all good. Loss and my thoughts. And. It was in the goal list for a minute. Figured out finally. Go at it They would things that happened and everything came together. And now i'm doing my best to make the remote little show worldwide


It is is it

this almost competition nowadays is crazy. So, yeah. Um, so tell me more bout. they show that you have if i'm not mistaken is Barry on deck


Barry on deck is the name of the show and it is a daily show. So I wanted to, when I started it, I was like, well, these people are used to listening to me on the radio every day. So maybe that's what the show should be instead of once a week or twice in the week at night or whatever. I was like, I even did the same time slot where I was at in radio. So it was, I was on the radio from one to 4:00 PM and the kind of the way that they juggling the lineup, I was like, I'll just do it from two to four. That's when they're used to listening to me anyways. And uh, yeah, it's so saturated though. Oh my goodness. And you know,

buy a microphone, learn how to do it and figure it out.


Antibody and there's a lot of people have no business doing it is just like, oh my God. But yeah, I mean, that's the great thing about it. Anybody can yeah. As long as it's all about making the work for you, that's what it's all about. You know, the, the big things I've learned, two things. One is, uh, niching down finding something really targeted. Cause even my show is a very, you know, people might say, oh, well, your S your show is like sports. And I try to bring a really comedic element to my sports one. I love the freedom of being able to curse. I don't have to worry. I don't have to worry about radio rules. I can as much as I want to. And I have a filthy mouth, so it makes it even easier.

I'm an f bomb specialist myself


was like, you know, finding a niche when I was like, well, sports and comedy, but even then I'm realizing you've got to get down something very specific to kind of get people's attention. and you got a unique style, man. I love the, everything.

Like the presentation is real clean. The pictures use use. everything about it is just. Dope


Thanks, man. You watched a go for Well, you know, how many times somebody interviewed me and they've never seen their show. I'm like, Oh, no, they even watch one. Yeah. first, first I saw the standup Okay. Mary on deck me and my girlfriend, me and my girl laughing. Like she don't even care about sports like that. And I was just showing her certain clips and we were crying. Um, I forgot what quarterback, but he was like, He said he wants to win more Superbowls. The top rating, basically. He's saying he doesn't want to play. Ah, dude, it's so much fun, man. It is, it is such a good time to be able to have the freedom to, you know, make sports funny. A lot of people don't do that and that's kind of been one of those things. There's a lot of comedians that are, uh, sports fans, right. That want to do it, but it's really difficult to cross over the two. And it's where all I'm trying to do. I'm trying to blend comedy and sports. and I do that on my TV show that I have, I do that on my daily live stream show. And you know, what's weird though, I don't tell sports jokes on stage. I just realized that

I'm in real life. Shit is always funny at, in sports. The fact that you get. Add comedy to sports. Is different and I commend you on that. What made you want to stop barry on deck in the first place


it was just out of necessity. I mean, I started in radio about the same time I started in college. And it was kind of a blessing to be on ESPN radio here in Houston and have that publicity because it allowed me to kind of generate a following for a comedy career as well. So when I was doing shows in town, people that would listen to me on the radio all the time would come out to the show. So really they both helped me build the other side of the career. Right. Doing comedy helped open the door to some interviews and other things, and it was just great being able to do both. And when I lost one, I was like, damn, I kind of want to keep this going, you know, because so unique. Great combination. I'm like, well, you're missing this license strippers in some way. Let us know potty. Listen, if my wife didn't a And and now, because weed's not legal here. So I just gotta, I chill with my Delta eight gummies that I uh, They got to I mean, the high is kind of the same almost. It's not exactly the same. I asked somebody because I had never done Delta eight. Right. Like I was getting high for awhile. And, uh, I got bronchitis from a pin and my doctor was like, you got to stop that.

Damn not the pen. There's a lot of situations that I don't even know how I would've got through it. If it wasn't for that pen.


Right. I think I ended up getting COVID cause it was in, uh, February of 2020 when he said I had bronchitis and I was like, oh, now I look back. I'm like, bitch, I had COVID I'm you made me quit weed. Cause my stupid ass got COVID we didn't even know what it was yet. You know what I mean? Like started getting it in January, and cause a friend of mine she's a comedian in LA. Her name is And she had brought me a pin from LA because I got high with like I don't, I really never really got high on that much. And then I got high with her when we were in a show in Portland, Oregon, where it was like. I was like, yo, this is, this is great. I slept good. Wrote some funny jokes brought me one, got, got, got bronchitis from the shit. So I was like, no. anything from LA is always a special delivery oh. I'm like, did you with this? Like, are you, are you trafficking? She was like, dumb ass. I was like, okay, whatever. I probably should have gave her name out. Just kidding. Her name was Tammy Johnson. Yeah. Semi Johnson. Yeah. Oh we'll just edit that part yeah. Yeah. We'll wipe that name from the record. beep it just like when you hear it just beep it she'd be like stupid ass. Don't be on telling people I'm bringing drugs to you. how was your time working in ESPN? Like that's, that's something great to have on your resume? It's very cool. It's, it's kind of deceptive in a way. being an ESPN affiliate doesn't necessarily mean like, I wasn't employed by Disney, right? Like I wasn't employed by ESPN. but they have affiliates around the country. It's kind of like, put that shit Oh man. Oh, I use it all the time. Fam, come on. That's you kidding me? You know, how many doors that opens Zack. then the doors open, then you let them down and be like, well, you uh, but it was cool because there's only one ESPN affiliate in every major market and it's still associated with ESPN. We still run Stephen, a Smith. we still get the games, we still get access to all their people and we still carry the name and the badge and the branding and everything. but a lot of ESPN stations around the country are paying. To be an ESPN affiliate. And then they're kind of into the family. Just the name alone carries so much cachet and clout that it allowed us to do a lot of cool stuff that we would've never done. I mean, I've done super bowl, uh, radio rose, final four radio rose, Yeah. It kind of ruined me because. You know, when I first got into business, I would meet celebrities. I would meet, I met like Dickie V and I was like, oh my God, this is the greatest thing ever. He's also kind of an asshole but you six or whatever, but then you do a couple of super bowl, radio rows, where you're on there. And it's just celebrity after celebrity and then being in the entertainment business and in radio and meeting you kind of get numb to it now. I'm just like, dude, I could meet anybody. And they would just be like, yeah, doesn't have the same excitement that it used to. It's just like, oh, okay. This is just a person Wow. I want, I want to be there cause I want to interview, celebrities. I want to interview people from all walks of life and I want it to be like that way I could just. Be myself and I worry to worry about getting nervous, anything like that? Well in the more, the more that you do it it's like anything. Right? And it's like, it's like doing this. It's like doing a show, doing a podcast, doing a live stream, the more reps you get, the better you get at it. I was, uh, I was a terrible interviewer when I first started. And then I had a program director that taught me how to interview celebrities and athletes and the way to conduct an interview. And, and I still had to practice and get better at it. And the more you do it, the better you get. the same thing with comics, right? Like I've, I've worked with some amazing comedians. I've worked with George Wallace, John Witherspoon, big Jay Oakerson, uh, Gilbert Godfrey, like I've opened and hung out and work with these cats. And man, like when I first met George Wallace, it was the same year of the super bowl. So I got to open for him at the Houston improv. And that was just like, unbelievable. Did you sleep the night? I was a little nervous. I ain't gonna lie. It was one of the bigger gigs I had done working with one of the biggest comedy names I'd ever worked with. So I was a little nervous, but I was already four or five years in. So I was pretty, comfortable in, in how I would do and how I was on stage. And, and then the fact that I had a really good set made it even better, you know? And then, to get a compliment, a lot of times comedians will give you lip service, but he was, he was genuinely like, Hey man, I just shot this. Coming to the stage in Atlanta? He, it was a, it was a comedy show and he was like, we just shot two seasons over four weeks of coming to the stage. He was like, dude, you're funnier than just about anybody on that show. So the next season I'm going to bring you into Atlanta. I was like, cool. And then they canceled it. Them, you gotta be shitting me. then the same shit, like, dude, that's been my whole career. I, a Gotham comedy live out there in New York, on used to be week. I've been. Yeah. I met a guy that knew the Booker, got his email, send him a tape of me doing comedy. I was trying to get on Gotham penalty lab. My first time on TV to a county, he emailed me back. He was like, dude, this is great. You were hilarious. Unfortunately, the show has been canceled and we're not doing, I was like, are you shitting me? What? Come on. I'm like bad luck or something That's some bullshit, man, you know, sometimes those close others can open. or no doors open continue to be a fucker part in Yeah, that's it. who was your favorite comedian and going Okay. Now I'm going to tell you this. And I want you to know that this was before we knew who he was. You kind of know who was going to be right. Bill Cosby. Okay. This was before we knew he was so rapey. All right. I had no idea as an eight year old, that bill Cosby was out here, drug and Eh, besides whatever he's done, he's still a legend in the As a comedian, you would be so surprised how many people he influenced, including the greatest comedian of all time. Richard Pryor. I mean, there was a time when Richard Pryor was trying to emulate bill Cosby. He wanted to be like bill Cosby. And it wasn't until he was like, I can't do this shit no more. And just started doing himself, which is ironic because that was bill Cosby special. that is that he took off and ended up becoming the greatest comedian of all time. But you had to, bill Cosby was very influential for a lot of people. I was eight years old. I watched his standup special called himself a memorized it, but the, and would just do it in the house whenever on command, you know, somebody would come over, I'd do the whole damn hour and a half special or however long it was. What would I realize is when I was watching him. Make people laugh. I realize, you know what I do that I do that in school and in class and at home at the dinner table and around my friends. So at eight years old, I was like, I want to do that one day. I want to be a comedian one day. That was, that was how started. bill Cosby, what joke? I remember. I didn't see, I never seen the whole standard, but I remember him saying that, um, I think his father used to say Jesus Christ so much that he thought that was his name, Yup. Yup. Dammit. And Jesus Christ. He thought his brother's name was dammit and it, his name was Jesus Christ his father was like, dammit, get in here. And he's like, but daddy have Jesus Christ classic dude. Classic. Yeah. As saw, um, when I was young, cause I, I was, I was always the class clown and laugh for me was like the best thing in the world. Like sometimes I used to go a little too overboard and w you know, you know, that moment where you try to be funny, you're not Yeah. And then someone comes on stage and slap the shit out of you. Yeah, I know that moment. Yeah. and you don't want that. there's definitely going to, far as that is definitely a thing.

But this first half was no joke. We'll be back after this bread, egg. Was good. Yeah. I know you're enjoying the episode is funny as how. Uh, another Patrion update. now all tears are available. The$3, the$9 and the 15. each one you get, uh, you get more. And it's just a great way to support but i appreciate Now back to the show Welcome. Come back


But I want it to be a comedian, it was one of those things where I didn't think I could face being booed or being bad. So I'll just put the dream in the back of my mind. And, and even, I always want it to be like a comedian. in movies and just has those lines. I don't need the number one role. I just need that line that I just say a couple of lines, like, man, what are you talking about? Johnny decided SWAT, yeah, a dream of mine, I always wanted to be a comedian, but I let fear completely wipe it out until I did the podcast and me being more comfortable. I'm like, you know what? That dream is still there, which is one of the main reasons I want to join the show. And the old are you? How old are you if you don't mind me asking. I'm 35. I'll be 36 Okay. So I was eight years old when I decided I wanted to be a comedian and I didn't go on stage until I was 38, 30 47 now. So I've been doing comedy nine years, but I started at 38 years of age. I had lost a job, which is a recurring theme in my life, by the way, uh, every time I've done something because I lost a job. which by the way, makes great comedians definitely Hold a job, make the best comedians, right. People that have depression and daddy issues, great Comedians strippers, but still,

It sounds like I was destined to be. Immediate Now, but all jokes aside. How did you even get into comedy in the first place


one day I was sitting around the house. I had gotten laid off and I was just, I didn't know what to do. And I was like, man, I know a buddy of mine, that knows a comedian. And so I was like, Hey, do you think he would talk to me and tell me what to do? Cause I've always wanted to do it, but I don't know if I'm good at it or what. And that guy gave me a little bit of advice, but his main thing was he was like, dude, just go to open mics and watch comedy for six straight weeks. Go as many times as you can go. If there's five open mikes in one night, go to all of them. Right. And take the time if you're serious about it. And so he would, and then he said go home and write jokes, but I want you to do that for six weeks. Don't go on stage, just go and watch how comp comedians do comedy, go home and write jokes. And I did that for six weeks and then I was like, all right, I'm gonna go on stage. I had a five minute set and I did an open. And I didn't ball. I mean, I didn't kill obviously, but I didn't bomb. I got laughs. And I think that part of what he told me kind of prepared me. Cause a lot of people just go, I've always wanted to be a comedian and I'm funny. And then they go on stage and they're not really prepared or don't understand the structure of a joke or the mechanics of a set and they just go up and shit, the bed and bomb. And then they're like, I never want to do that again. And that's the end of it, but watching good comedians bomb at open mikes, but seeing the structure of their set and when jokes worked and didn't and all that, it kind of, if you're perceptive, if you pay attention, kind of gave me the, the basics of what I needed to go out and, and do it. And that April will be nine years. I've been in comedy. Wow. So it gave you that confidence to like do It did. And then I asked him once I went up, I was like, I am six weeks. I watched, I took notes. I went home. I wrote jokes. I have a five minute set, but I've practiced at home and I'm ready. He goes, okay. So I went on stage, did. Okay. And then came back to him the next week. I was like, now what? And he goes, just keep going up. I was like, what? He's like, that's literally the single best piece of advice anyone will ever give you in comedy. And it's the God's honest truth. keep going up. If you're funny, you'll get better. Your writing will get better. Your stage presence will get better. everything you do will get better. It's kinda like this. The more podcasts you do, the better you're going to get it doing podcasts. I bet. go back and listen to your first show compared to this show, you probably cringe at how the first one went and now you're way more confident comedies the same way. I was like, all right, so how's That's awesome advice I'm going to start that immediately because why what's stopping you from going, uh, up and doing a set? What stops.

I guess the fear of like going blank or being bullied, getting taken off the stage early. Thanks to the apollo But that brings me to another question. Have you ever been bullied?


not as a comedian, as a rapper. I got booed as a rapper That's what turned me into a, a producer as I was called Kokomos. All our friends were hip rappers and hip hop artists and dancers. We group. We were like, oh yeah, like I was the token white boy. It was awesome. And uh, and then I found out real quick, black people don't give a fuck if you're trying. Okay. If you ain't good. No one gives a shit like white people. They're like, oh, well he's trying. That's so sweet. people don't give a shit about that. You're wasting my time. Bring them somebody that's good at this shit. What was your my rap name. Oh, this is the worst. boom. Boom. Boom, Boom, like Ray, boom, boom, man. Simi. Yeah. did, but none of my black friends Hey, that's stupid as shit. Why are you calling yourself? They were just like, whatever. They're like, he's white, ain't no money. And this was before really white people were, were OIC accepted. Like now there's so many white rappers. I'm like y'all bitches. y'all Kokomos

Was this before Eminem.


Actually this was what's funny is this was, uh, 1991. there was really only three notable white rep groups or artists. vanilla hated that. Some bitch cause any white rapper year, they were in me like yeah. Vanilla ice. But now again, I said, I hung out with black people, so I had a high top fade. I had glasses. So a lot of people were like, they call me third base. I looked like MC search everything. So they would be like, oh, it's MC search. Uh, so that I didn't mind cause they weren't whack like vandalized. so what I was saying earlier is I'm afraid of going blank. I ha I've done this. That happens to a lot of people for the first time. Like they just go yeah, I think that that's something you build up in your mind. Cause my, my, my, before we got off on that tangent, my thing would be what's the worst. That would happen if you got booed, know, I know you don't want to get booed and trust me when no one likes your, your comedy. It sucks, but I would rather get booed than just to have a room full of people. Stare at me. I'm trust me. Silence is way worse than getting. deadass silence of people and you, when you can hear ice in the glass and a chairman, somebody move their chair and just like, all you hear. You can hear people clicking their phones. oh my God, You're just like that's crazy. like, true. I never way you have to look at is who gives a shit one. They're not going to remember you because if you sucked or they thought you sucked, they're not going to, And to that's just part of the game that just makes you better. I mean, think about athletes. Get booed, right? Rappers get booed, even, even good ones like boom, boom. but like, you know, every, any performer people aren't gonna like you, people don't like your podcast. I hate to be the one to tell

No. Definitely, definitely real shit. You saying real shit right now?


you're going to stop doing it.

Oh, fuck. No.


It's all about finding the people that like what you do. Not everybody likes what I do. Not everybody thinks I'm funny. Not everybody likes my show that I do, you know, Barry on deck. Not every that's, I'm not for everybody. Some people don't like that. I'm loud or I'm I, you know, scream or say crazy shit and that's fine. I'm not going to not be me. That's fine that you don't like me, but then I'll find my audience. I'll find my people. That's all comedy is, dude is just going up, finding your voice, finding out who you are on stage, and then finding the people that appreciate that. Well said, well I had somebody one time and it's a typical heckle, but sometimes they say something funny it was like, bro, if that's the lamest shit, if that's the best thing you could think of to yell at the comedian while he's on stage and you don't like it, like you're lame, dude. Like you don't be a better heckler. If I gotta be a better comedian, you gotta be a better heckler. That was whack.

Like shit. If you want me to be better than you gotta be better.


So, no, unfortunately I've never, that I think about it, I don't know if I've ever seen a comedian get booed off stage and like a lot of people like maybe like watch Apollo and think that that's what it's like a lot. It's not so they don't throw a salad at, you know, tomatoes Hell no. Hell no. You know, what's funny is as much as I was talking about black people, booing rappers that they don't like, the opposite is true in comedy. If, because I'll do a lot of black rooms and if they don't like you, they just stare at you. And I would, like I said, I would much rather a room full of black people, Boomi for my comedy than stare at me. And then you'll just, you can hear it, like teeth smacking Uh, how much time does he have you just hear that shit? You're like, oh my God, I'm dying to suck so bad. Are you just waiting to get through your set, right? Like, Yeah. And that was, I was doing a set once I was in Austin. And, My buddy hosted his name's Bryson brown. He, uh, he tours with Bruce, Bruce. He's hilarious. And, uh, yeah, Bruce, Bruce is great and Bryson has his feature and he's really funny, but he had this room and Austin, And he brought me in and I was doing a joke about, uh, I was doing a joke about Harriet Tubman. And all I said was, you remember when they were talking about putting a Harriet Tubman on the$20 bill? Now, all I said, as black woman, she had been laughing the whole set. And like, literally as soon as I said that, she looked at me, she goes, all right, motherfucker. I was like, well, I didn't eat. And then when she did that, the whole room was like, what are you saying? Like, they weren't even like, really, I guess they were like, what is this white dude? say like, yeah, I didn't, you didn't let me do the joke yet. That's the best part, man. When I talk shit to you, but in like a, not like a super aggressive way, it'll Larry. And as a comedian, right? You gotta, sometimes I heard you got to throw that out there sometimes. Like that joke, that might be a little too far. Like you gotta throw it out that every now and then, I'm not gonna lie hilarious when they do. it's funny cause I do, I don't do a lot of material about race. but like when I first started, I did cause I in high school, like I said, all my friends were black. And so that's kind of what I knew for a while. Right? Like my girlfriends were black. My friends were, but it was just who I hung out with. and so I would do some of those jokes when I first was doing comedy and I don't think I was in the right eye. You have to be, you have to really know yourself and trust yourself to do racial material or some other types of jokes. Right. One thing about jokes, I guess, is timing and timing, right? That's it? The time you tell the joke and the place that you're telling the joke Yeah. They say comedy is tragedy plus timing. Right? So it's something bad that happens that you make funny. And how long ago it happened. That's what comedy is tragedy. Is it a right time to do the joke, right? Is it the right audience? So it's super important. You got to read a room, like there's a, it's funny. I was talking about comedian friend of mine the other day. and he asked me, he, because of the Chris rock thing, he's like, have you ever apologized for a joke? And I said, no, I've never apologized for joke, nor would I, because it's a joke. I might apologize if my joke hurt your feelings, but I'm not going to apologize for doing the joke. I'm sorry. You took it the wrong way. I'm sorry. It hurt your feelings. I'm sorry. You didn't take it as a joke, that's what it was, was a joke. But I'm also not, I don't roast the crowd unless you heckle me. Like I have a video. Well, I had, I think I took it down cause I moved my YouTube channel, but I had like a 25 minute video of me just ripping a crowd. Like there was the whole crowd was rude during the whole show. And I had a 45 minutes that I had to condense it because it was just literally 40 minutes of me shitting on this. Just talking to people the whole time. And that's not me. I go up, I do my jokes and I'm done. one man lost my God Yes. It was like therapy. I was like, yeah, I hate y'all. But also this was the best night of my life. Thank you for being an asshole. That was the last thing I said when I walked off. I want to thank everybody. Have a good night. Thanks for being a bitch. Thanks an asshole. Thanks for never shutting up. Thank you for handling. Yeah. Oh my God What's the toughest place you performed in? the toughest place I performed in I was in Provo, Utah just recently. I just recorded a special for Drybar. I did my Drybar special in October of last year. And that was by far the most difficult thing I've done and I should have been more excited and you know, I'm shooting a comedy special. Who's not. It's going to be online and they have, you know, millions of YouTube viewers and followers. And I mean, this is great exposure. it's all clean comedy and I'm not a clean comic. I can work clean. Like I do. there's a assisted living facility that I do once a year and I just do the same jokes. Cause they're old. They don't remember, but it's like, you know, you got to work clean. That's fine. I've never been afraid to work clean. I just don't choose to. But for this, they give you like these things you can, and can't say, and it's so strict. And so stringent that I was like, I literally don't have shit to talk about. Even like, they're like, you can't take the Lord's name in vain. Don't say that don't say anything bad about your wife. I'm like, what? The don't talk about drugs. Don't talk about this. Don't I was like, oh my God, like, what are we going to do? It's Provo, Utah. There's not. So that was like the greatest, like the best part of, or the best moment of my career so far and the worst right. At the same time. Okay, so you had a special, you have restrictions. Yeah, like 150 to 200 Mormons in a room at the campus of BYU, So it's like, yeah, 200. I don't want to say stuffy, 200, you know, conservative white people in Utah. ain't my brand. Like I grew up on Def comedy jam. I'm everybody bitches, uh, until somebody. Yeah. Like I was like, oh, this is not going to go well, and it went good, but I was miserable. I was good though. Congrats on, on games, especially, hopefully most, uh, one of many was that that's first one? that was my first one. I don't even have a comedy album out yet. I opened for a guy named Jeff Allen. Who's hilarious. And a wonderful person. And he's a clean comedian when he started doing dry bar and he blew up on dry bar and he said like, his specialist had like over a hundred million views. Like it's crazy the numbers he did. So I opened for him at the improv cause he was in town touring off of his Drybar special. And they were like, yeah, we need somebody clean. It can open. So I did 10 minutes, in front, uh, for, for him. And he was like, dude, do you know how hard it is to find somebody that's funny and clean that can open a show because it's hard to go first and comedy, no one wants to go first. It's the most difficult thing. You're funny in person, right? And then to be funny on stage, how was that transition for you? Like. You know what, and I think the same reason that I didn't do comedy for a very long time was the same reason you didn't haven't done it yet is I was like, I would, it's called imposter syndrome. Right? You always think, well, I'm not good enough. Why would everyone want to laugh at me? I'm not like these guys and these comedians and these people. And literally every single person in this world that has done comedy was just like you and me. At some point, Richard Pryor, bill Cosby. At some point they were funnier than most of their friends and people encourage them to go on stage and share their gift. And for me, it was just about was I going to, was I going to be accepted? Could I be myself? Right. Like, those are all the things that you, that you wrestle with. And I just, it was a leap of faith in a lot of ways. at some point you just have to say, I'm going to do it. I think that's the thing for me. Like I just want to make sure I'm just always myself when I'm doing this podcast. Even when I do comedy, like myself, I always That's it, that's the be authentic. Right. And it's scary. And the reason it is, and it's like, you know, like, oh yeah, all my friends and family told me I was funny. I was like, but that's my friends and family. it's one thing to go on stage and joke about something that's not personal or personal to you. Right. Like your experiences in life. and so it's kind of, it's easier to go up and just be generic. Cause if they are rejecting the. Or if they don't like what you're saying, they're just, they're not rejecting you. They're just reject. They don't like the joke that you wrote about subway. But if you go on stage and you're like, man, you know, growing up, my dad used to beat me and you tell these jokes for five minutes about growing up and getting beat by your dad. And if people reject that, now they're rejecting you because this is personal. This your life. And they're like, no, and you just got to get past it. I mean, you just, you've got to get past the imposter syndrome of not being good enough and that, you know, not everybody's going to like you, if you can get, I think the rule is 80% of the room to laugh. You're doing good, negativity bias. It means that we fixate on the 20% that aren't laughing and that's all we remember it. Trust me as a comedian. I will tell you right now, there is always, well, not always, but in most shows, there's always one person that sits up front and they don't. They're just, they didn't even want to be there or they're just trying to be an asshole or they just have no sense of humor and they just literally sit with their arms folded in the front and stare at you while you've got a whole room rocket. with the, with the Draggle phase. If he dies, And that's all in. Yes. he dies, he dies he's like, I am dying a slow death because you will laugh. Last that's what I'll fixate on. And mind, I'm like, oh, challenge accepted. Hope I'm going to make you laugh. Like, you had those moments where you finally got, so one's a folly, like laugh at, Oh, when they smile, I'll take it and I'll call it out. I did that like, uh, like three or four weeks ago, I was in a, I was in a town in central Texas and there was this lady in the middle of the crowd just stared the whole time. And I didn't know if she was saying I was last as the headline on the show. And I didn't know, she had stared at the other comics about. That was about 35, 40 minutes into a 45 minutes set. And I was like, she hadn't laughed one time. And then I told a joke and I think I was talking about having a small Dick. I I don't remember. And, uh, and she started laughing. I oh, I just stopped. The child said, oh, so now to laugh because I'm telling a joke about having a small penis. was like, yo, this lady had laughed at me this whole night. She's just sat there, stone faced. and you got. called it out. And won now. I don't give a shit about how the rest of this show goes. She laughs I'm good. And then afterwards, one of the comments comes up and goes, man, she did the same thing to me. I was like, what? I started questioning myself like, is this, should I quit comedy? I don't know what's happening right now. Like, it it'll really mess with your head to have one person stare at you. cause I know these jokes work, right. I've been doing the same jokes while. Now if th if it ain't getting a laugh, it's either the crowd or I'm off, And it's like what we talked about earlier. It's like reading the crowd, you know, if I see a crowd full of, uh, older people, older couples, I'm gonna do a lot of marriage material. Um, I have, I have like 20 minutes of when I talk about I'm 47, I hate it. I feel old. I'll do stuff like that. I'm not going to do like young hipster shit for 50 year old couples. You, Uh, speaking of my wife, uh, I remember you, um, you comedy sketch, you say that you started a firewall on the super bowl and oh, you say decided to me, you think that is hurting us. our favorite part of the fight? That 100%, right? It's like, oh man, she finally stopped talking to me Thank God like so true. that's so true. It's like that. I don't want you to bitch at me. Like, I want you to just give me the silent treatment that's but that's, the fun part new. When, when you do a joke, when you write a. That is something you observe in your life or you, as you see happening in your life, and then you take it to the stage and someone comes up to you afterwards, or when you're doing their podcast. And they say, man, I related to that so much. That's the best feeling in the world.

I bet because when somebody says some shit that they heard in my podcast and they say it help them in any way or made them think that shit gets me excited. well, this brings me to my next question, which is something you wish you knew when you first got started


this is not a quick, business. You may never get famous. You may never, you might, you might be a working comedian and pay your bills. And if you love comedy And that's all you care about doing congratulations, you've made it, but there's no fast track to getting famous. There's no fast track to being discovered. Other people that are worse than you are going to get more than you do, just like in life, right? You, You, work at a corporate office and, you know, Becky and accounting as, as dumb ass. And she can't, she can't add two plus two, but somehow she got promoted to senior accountant. And I didn't like, I count circles around her. There's no different in comedy. There are much less funny people getting much better opportunities than a lot of comics out there. There was a tons of comments. No one knows about that are absolutely hysterical and they should be famous, but that's just not how this business works. It's it's cruel. I just, I love doing comedy. So whatever my career is, that's my career and I'm happy with it. That's awesome. That's awesome. and me personally, I love comedy. I love making people laugh. I would love to do it on a larger scale. my dream is to fill up Madison square garden and have people crying for hours of laughter. I don't know if that's every comics goal I've never really wanted to, like, the only thing I really wanted to do was when I first started, I had a home club, which is shut down now, but I wanted to headline that room. That was like a big thing for me. Cause I started there as nothing and a nobody. And I thought one day, if I could headline this room, that would be really good progress. And I ended up doing this. So that was cool, but there's not like a venue. Yeah. There's not like a. like Astro stadium and shit. there's I mean, for me, it's like, I would like to be on Netflix. That would be I would, enjoy a special on Netflix, but you know, selling out Madison square garden, I think that's more of an east coast thing. If we're being honest I don't I don't think you're going to give me money in like Dubuque to be like, I really want to sell out Madison square garden. shit about Madison square garden. Like don't, you know, no offense to you to, you know, square garden or anybody that loves it. but everybody, you know, like

Shit. A lot of new Yorkers don't even give a fuck upon him as G to be honest. Why you think it's so tough to be a comedian or an entertainer? Uh, in this era.


the difference between being a comedian or an entertainer and, and, and other shit is we have to put it out there. Like people can talk shit About us to our face at a comedy show. Or if you post a clip, they can dislike it and tell you that you should quit comedy. Cause you're awful at it. And, and they'll do that cause they don't care. No one's posted on an Excel spreadsheet from their accounting job on Instagram people like, yo you add like shit, yo, what kind of formulas that what crazy. Yo. whack. Whoa, bro. Like that's not even how you color a chart, you know, odd, even odd, bro, what are you doing? This is awful. Oh, That's the difference? No, That's You know, great with. would that be great if everybody had to do that, there'd be so much less people like haters online. Ah, you. You said groceries, like shit What positive effect has comedy had on your life? You Man, I've had so many awful experiences, but I've had so many wonderful experiences. I've met so many great people. and the fact that I ended up doing something that I was always so passionate about doing, just didn't know that I didn't want to when I was 38 and decided to do it, what I didn't want to do. And I remember telling myself this, and in my, on my couch, in my living room was, I was like, the one thing I don't want to do is be 70 and be in telling people what I could have done. I'd rather have said I tried comedy and bombed, like I got on here and told you I tried to be a rapper and Boom, boom. would rather be able to tell that story than to just have the regret of never trying it. And so for me, being able to do it and turn it into some sort of. That's the positive thing is that I actually took the leap of faith and did it it's. I mean, like I said, I've met great people and I'm by no means rich from comedy or anything like that. But I, I think that I proved to myself that I could not only go on stage and have the balls to go on stage, but nine years later I'm still doing it. And I'm funny. I'm not afraid to follow anybody. I'll go, I'll go up after anybody. I don't give a shit who they are because I believe in my jokes, I believe in me. And that's a confidence I didn't have before, And that's awesome. And 30 years after you realized this is what you wanted to do, so it's never too that's it. And that's why I asked you how old you are. Don't wait till you're No, no, no, I won't don't wait another couple of years, right? I wish I wish I would have started this at 28. I wish I would have started this at 30, at 35. Most of the comedians I know are in their early twenties and I'm like, man, if I was your I'd be a killer right now. the at 24 at 47, I would be a killer because what I've done in nine years, I couldn't imagine if I had another nine years to add to it. So wait you never know what these next nine years having a store, you can get that big roll. You never know, man. Your mouth to God's ears. the universe, Let's go. so like if my audience wanted to,

Fine. You your


comedy sports show, or just get more information about, you know, w what could they go. Yeah. So it's, uh, it's really divided into two camps. One is for my, uh, daily live stream sports and entertainment show called Barry on deck. So literally all the social media, the website, everything is Barry on deck B a R R Y O N D E C K, not B E R R Y. I'll spell it like an asshole. It's B a R R Y. And it's not on Dick. It's on deck. There's an email to I asshole That's an easy Don't call on chat and make that joke. You'll get booed out. Uh, and then, so, so anything about my sports comedy or sports stuff is all Barry on deck website, everything. And then for comedy, if you want to watch sets or jokes, or just follow me on my journey, it's all Barry as funny, B a R R Y is funny, which you gotta be really cocky though. say that and put in whatever. From experience of watching his comedy is hilarious. It's funny. Like consistent. Like it wasn't just one or two videos. I was laughing almost every single video. So stay Well, that put up the bad shit. to post a bad one. Come on Yeah, I'll trust me. There's plenty of shitty jokes. I'm not putting them on line. you only get an, a plus Anybody posting a C minus joke, Hey, this joke is it's, it's kind of ass, but you know what? I'm going to post I want to thank you for being on the Raimundo show. It was, it was great to have you. I want to thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you gave me about the, you know, being in the comedian world. And, uh, I'm not gonna wait until I'm 38. Um, I'm going to at least be a student and then keep watching your stuff. Hey man. I appreciate it. Thank you for having me Raimondo. This was a lot of fun. I really did. I really did Yeah, man. I appreciate you. All right

and as I wrap this up by laughter and left me with something, it says it was another quote, which is, was this gave competition to the quote of the day, but I quote a whole bunch of shit anyways. So you don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing Wow. What a, what an amazing quote. That should have been the first one that should have been the main one, but But yeah, man, just getting to my final say was one of my favorite things to do. Shout out to Jeffrey Springer. Can't wait to have him do a final statement of final say, well, he going to do his final throw and I'm gonna do my final sale. He gonna help me with my final. Say something like that. I'm dreaming big, man. I'm just finding the balance where the action and the dream co-exist together. the world's in trouble, but yeah man, let's get into it. We can't stop the cloudy days. But if your heart is shining, You feel great regardless of what the weather. It was like, When you fill in down. A good laugh and go a long way. But there's no shortcuts. Works. Do has to get done. Then you make time for fun. Or. All you need is a break. Like you starting a game of pool. It's the only way we can balance the ups and downs in life. The good thing is that is scalable. And you could potentially reach a point beyond measure. Then, once you realize you, don't got to look for that buried treasure. You find out that you had it this whole entire. Tire time. Like a Scooby-Doo antagonist. Don't. I forget the smell. It does wonders for the brain. laugh every chance. You get Show yourself. You can make a choice to be happy. But so he was all temporary. but the moments that make you feel the best. This is what you should be buying into. I love to laugh my fucking ass off. It's not some shit out texts, all. The time. It's the truth. Everything. Isn't a laughing matter, but. In the scheme of things Laughing matters Joe give you broke. Joe give you rich Even Joe gives you a bitch Just getting out But puzzle funny shit on go to a comedy Standard watch cartoons So laugh my friends that shit burns calories Approximately 50. Fnc minutes of laughing equals The same benefits as 12 was asleep So Why not right. But i want to thank god Again for joining me on another episode The season is fucking rocking I've already had a push myself like i never I Have before But one thing is for certain Is that you ain't see nothing yet But so next time window listeners peace love mundo out