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June 27, 2022 Ray Gonzalez Season 3 Episode 26
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G a. Is your hose. Raimundo. Welcome to my show. The early edition. This is episode.. 26. 5:00 AM. Then that's early Sometimes. You got to win the morning. To elevate your life. Yeah, I wanted to do. This episode. For a minute now. Just waking. Again, about five. It's not an easy task. When your twins. Play'em. You played tag team, wake up. You know, how we do at my show. Let's go.


It's Ben moon does quote of the day

And the quote of the day. Comes to you by Wiz Khalifa. I used to think, going to sleep late was cool. Till I realize. Ally's waking up early. It's the real bullshit. Yo. I remember I heard this line. And well, by the time I heard this line, I was already aware of. Of the benefits of waking up early. It's just like, yo, who the fuck? Fuck want to wake up early sunlight. It feels. It feels like a crime sometime. You ever get up? And you like. Nice on, like, somebody should go to jail for this. cause y'all don't fuck it. I like. But. Shit. It falls. Into the. The category doing what others. Whoa. What separates you from the elite? if you wondering. You. You probably wake them up too late. And I get a man. Sleeping is amazing, man. I. I love. Sleep so much, but. There's something about. It being quiet. And you haven't time to reflect and. Have time with your daughter. And just. Just beats you yourself. And there's one thing, you know, waking up. Up at five. Cause you have to, so you can get the workload in time. What were you doing it for yourself? For you. But you improvement. To give them. Things done. So you have more of the day. to take advantage of. Yeah, I forgot. The The videos. When it comes to the podcast, but. I seem to as sexy as Rogan videos. What is it some real shit I'm over here, drinking coffee. I that has a Morgan high school to good day. Hey man. As wrap that shit up B. so yeah, let's get into the episode. What does waking up? Early do for you. Especially. I myself, I haven't done it that often. I mean, I've been waking up. Earlier because. The baby's blood. Having this daughter, like my action plan. to do it consistently and take over. I read a book called the 5:00 AM club. I keep I've done both the shit. In a couple of episodes. I'm really going to try to get the author. On this show at some point. It was just a great. Book like. It wasn't you. You're ordinary. You know, This is why you wake up early. Like he told the story. And I heard the audio version of it. And. The person that they chose to. So read. The Oreo. Was. Some desert. As being as. That'd be an asthma for me. It's just like. They'll people in the places. It's a goal. And my hands on. I like that. But like, he was spelled bounding. As great as the, one of the characters he uses. Demonstrate. One of his points is. The Spellbinder. I'm going to give you like a quick. Overview of the 5:00 AM club. And then just from everything in my research. I'm gonna try to just. Make you think. About waking up early. For those, who've been thinking about it. Maybe I can make you want to do it and we could do this shit together. We could do the fall Liam challenge. The motivate each other. so the book starts. With a. The entrepreneur who. She knows her job. And she was like Royal. So she goes, this. So this seminar. She meets this artist. And one of the guys has given this prolific speech. Somehow these three get cool. So you have. And then as a billionaire. Who is joining the mix. And he's just one of those, like, Weird. You know, we're dues that doesn't look or dress like a millionaire. But he just enjoys life. And just does whatever the fuck you want. I don't know that dude, but I think that will be me like. The way they described them. He just seemed like somebody who. Who was just enjoying. Every second of. Life. And. You could. Consistently kept bringing up that ever since. He picked up the habit of waking up early. His life has changed and. And has had a dramatic effect. Belong. Story short. This billionaire. And the guy that was leading the seminar takes the artists. And the entrepreneur. And. Shows them all these different reasons. Oh, wow. Waking up. It's not just. Just for like your business or for you to work out. It also does. Something for your soul. You know your lifestyle. Your creativity. It's like tremendous amounts of benefit. Benefits. I was convinced after I read the book. I said just reading the audio. Cause it's like listening to a dope ass. As movie. But. Pretty much the. Movie's talking about you. You should be the main character in the movie. And that's, that's pretty fun. To make me think like that. Um, What is obvious. When you wake up early. It's a momentum. Some startup. You took control. You didn't hit the snooze button. And there's something about hitting the snooze button. It's like. Telling your mind. You always need more time. And you kind of warm to. Change. How you perceive that? You want to. We need the act like the snooze. Was button don't even exist. what was. I said that wasn't was it aligned? If you snooze, you lose. But bingo. Think about this, right. So you started there early. So you're already starting off on a good note. Like you woke up early. Now. You got assisted me in play with. it's for you. And a lot of, a lot of people. We'll recommend. Turning off your phone the first hour. Of the day in the last hour of the day. And the reason is. You could wake up in a. Good moon. And let's say something happened in the world. we have a heart. even if it's not happening to you to sister hers, like. The shootings. The racial shit, all that shit affects you. study has proven social media does increase anxiety and. Like you're not worthy is shit. There's all these people over. Everybody's posting. The lifestyle they want to live. Waking up. It just, you. You kind of avoid that. You give You give yourself a chance. To put, good things in your head. You know, to deal with the. Day, instead of starting today. With something that affects you and. And then you gotta work your way around that. And. From experience. The wrong. I'll wait to pick up my phone. The better the day I have. Waking up early. And. Getting shit done. Before. Most people get up. It's a powerful thing. An imagined. And doing it. All year round. Or until. Pretty much, you got so many investments. You can look. And say you're wealthy. I mean, I feel like until then, we always got to get our ass up. And then find the way. This podcast and I'm trying to do so much other shit that. Fear block the. And it's. Crazy. As soon as I removed the field. Bye. A lot of things we surfaced. I mean, the voice acting was something I always wanted to. But actually want to real acne. I want to be in front of a camera. I want to be dramatic, like. It was the next time. There will be a next time. Yeah. I was like, oh man. Fire man. Like I wasn't sitting there, like, I didn't really tell too many. People that I was going to be in the movie. I know my sister is like, yeah. Right. Yeah about. Some momentum started and it's. A fact. In sports. In life. in anything. Having momentum. Awesome. Changes the game. three, I ain't going to fall. I was at a point that I didn't even know. Five and only wanted to do this anymore. Even though I love that. It's just, sometimes you focus on the wrong. Thing being a motivation for it. As soon as I build. Momentum. You're like I haven't stopped and I know. That I can't cause. It feels great. continually do something you love. On a regular basis. Knowing you believe that is going to feed you. This will be in the oddest Zola. All about. I guess a podcast I'm seeing what people that want to sing. People that just don't want to paint. They get so much criticism. For one into. Do what they love. MagnaFlow sometimes. Sometimes you got to do what you have to. Until you can do what you love. But if you could do it simultaneously, or some people would just go all the fucking way, they don't give a fuck. Like that. I'll take little jobs. Cause I like, I believe assign. I remember Eddie Murphy said that. They hate to have a backup. No plan because. Then he would've, it would've made him feel like. He didn't believe in his. His first one as much. I saw an interview with the Rommel's that. Uh, One line. He said I love was. I don't have a full back cause I don't plan a full back. And I'm like, yo beautiful Bushwick. I was like, Gearbubble. Oh, fuck. That's what I'm talking about, but like the people. I'm. Oh, that was pretty. That was pretty cool. It was nice. I was like Bushwick. Boop. Boop. Boop. not going to have my. I have a gun. I would've been, and I wasn't outside of that. Boop. Boop. Boop. another reason. Should wake up at five in the morning. It's a habit of successful people. Before this book, I wouldn't. Here about it. Listen to it. The majority of. Wealthy. The men. Have a habit of waking. Getting up early. Have a habit of working out. Having time for themselves. The most. Influential. People all the time. some of the inventors or some of those people that Made a difference in the world. Would find their ideas. During quiet. Time during times of. It will almost above to go to sleep. There's something about that, that. That quiet. It's not like people like that always want to be isolated. What. When everything's quiet and it's just, you. I don't know. That's when the creativity flows sometime. It's a habit. You need to work on what is the habit? That successful people have. I have as successful people. What they do is they copy the fuck out each other. Like. I just had an interview with someone who's financially. Any free. And. One of the things he said was like, you know, You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You just find a way to put a twist. And And we all know this. But I feel like sometime we put pressure on ourselves thinking we have to. Event the new Facebook or the new. Or new formal. Podcasts. And or whatever the fuck it is. But you could just. Find something to put your own twist on. On it and make it bubble. We can pack. Pop pop, pop, pop, pop. Like the little thing that you used to get at the store. to like, I loved them since, but. What's it like to fund? It was just like, bam. That was it. unless you do like. 10 of them says your plan, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, let's get into another benefit. I mentioned that quiet time, but it's Tom. Be yourself. Everybody needs time to they self. It's just it just to recharge your battery, especially. I feel like. peoples. Energy can drain and not everyone's aware of. Yo fucked up energy. Cause it'd be bringing Somebody else's energy, that's having a great day. Once you know that you. You kind of see them going as of being by yourself.'cause you never know when you got to deal with something. Or. With people that. Whatever reason you don't click with. And even if you do click. Well, sometimes. Our soldiers need. Some you time. And then I roll with that. I think you should do stuff by yourself too. Like. Besides just waking up early and I go. So weight, eat by yourself. I saw a spider man by my son, but it was, it was cool. Cool. Like, it's something I have nobody like to just like, you know, I hit my elbow. Or I ain't going to feel, what I like to do is. No one is like a quiet transition in the movie. That's what I liked the black. I don't know why people get that answer, but I always want to find the way. I know my girl be like this fucking guy. Oh man. Yeah. So waking up early to me is. It's the best time to work out. I don't know if you want to go. Like get, I don't know what you want to have. Like you. Your main word got at that time. Cause it's still be early. Early, you won't really be wanting to push like that. But you could do something. Something like you don't like some kind of aesthetics or some cardio. Yeah, I shouldn't get you pumping. Right. So you already started the day. One you woke up early. That time. To yourself. You didn't go on social media. Too. Either building or you have a habit. That successful people have. And three. You fucking working. Now. So your endorphins is. I'm really. Looking at her like, wow, you really winning when you win the morning. You kind of win the day. Cause. It's like it's an automatic momentum starter. And. there's an alleged. You keep the ball rolling. Like after that. You're going to want to make. Better decisions is going to help. Help you with your decision-making. And you'll have more confidence. And trust in yourself. For. We're doing something that a lot of people don't want to do or the spa's doing. Cause I ain't. Gonna front you. When I wake up at five or if I wake up. Anytime. Before. On the clock. I don't go for. I'm straight. I'm a victim. Like. I'm fucking Amber heard. Mr. Amber heard in court. I'm just all fucked up. I just feel like, Like everyone should feel bad for me. this is not right. There's no reason. At this time. And, and then. I am today. I have thought about it when I woke up, I'm like, damn, there's people that wake up. This early and then jump in. And take a cold shower. So let's talk about that. That's another game changer. A cold shower. Yo bro, like. When the water's cold in the pool, I barely want to get in that shit. And maybe. It is. I don't know something like, I don't like to. Be uncomfortable and being in cold water is. Super long comfort. Comfortable. Which is a mindfuck though, because if you're able. So forcefully. Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. And something as small as just. Hitting your fucking. The that, you know, that part of your back. With cold water. Shocking your cell phone purpose. I feel like it's literally similar to when I was on that plane. And I was about the job. I feel the same way about turning on the cold war. So think about. What other things that are small like that, that you can do and can bounce off to other things. One thing I learned in the book is Keystone habits. One habit that you incorporate. And change. It's like five others. But good. A Keystone habit that should have. That you think about us fire? You change one thing. And it makes the other ones easier. And who don't like easy a mother fucker. Oh man, arguing another couple of coffees. Yeah, it's fucking look. You can see. It's fucking 5 57 right now. I started this like around. Five 20. So I'm agenda to the file. 20:00 AM real bullshit. Still. Finally in. Bye. Bye. Oh man. But yeah. I read about the cold. Shot with thing, how it's good for your skin and what type of lives. Um, and with the part I get from it is the. The control part of taking a leap of faith. The other day, I did it for 10 seconds on. I'm building my way up, but I want to know how long. And I was wrong. You got to fucking do it. Is it five minutes? Two minutes. Jim Kwik. I says you people, you can alternate back and forth. Awesome interval shit. Whole showers, man. Yeah, things are different makers. Because then you'd be like, yo, I ain't doing that shit. Right. It's probably a lot of other shit that you don't want to do. That's probably going to get you. Where you want to be. Or to that next level. it's probably the reason why you plateau. You say you don't want to fucking. You don't want to plateau dope. this was a great first half. But we'll be back after this brew day So messy, you might want to incorporate. In front of wake up early as the no snooze method. Well, before we get into that. Another, on the rate of player. Is fucking sleep. You. You need to sleep. I know how important it was until recently, but. You need that energy. When you sleep, you retain information better. You have. It's obvious you have more energy through. Through the day. Overall man, like. Blavity. all that is a lot of benefits. It's to waking up early and. getting rests. And I didn't know. Like this study is that. The mental, you know, all those mine. Mind. Well, the thing that I fuck with. brain, when we get older. It could be due to lack of sleep. And I ain't going for emphasis. I read that shit like. And I love breaking night. Like I love breaking night just for the, it's just. Hours. Wyatt. I used to love that shit. Once in awhile. Like after reimagine I'm like that. I can't do it as much as I would like to. Because I'm not trying to. There's not much on affect morale. My mind, man. When it comes to me, that's the most precious thing about me. Like, I could speak to you the wacky last. Laugh the way I can cry the. I get motivated. Going moment. Nice. And we I'm going to go. Because of my mind. The. The state tomb you heard? you. Don't forget. To get your free gone. So don't forget to get. The sleep. And you can do it. And then you get your free call. And I know. They say eight hours. And I say. Good. Six or seven. Seven seven. Definitely. Six you pushing it. Well, you want to be in that six to seven range. there's nothing wrong with taking a nap. During the day. What's important. That you wake up early. Pick up the habit that. Millionaires billionaires. It is. Great people over our lifetime have done. Than to separate them from the rest. And you gotta make sure you have like, uh, a bedtime ritual, like you were fucking baby and shit. You. I think a bath at a certain time, put your phone away. They say they'll watch. TV, but a lot of us. Uh, too deep in the coach. It's a malware. Y CV. So. You just got to find a way to go to sleep earlier. Visit. Is that you hit the bed early and watch TV then? Just try to get those. Six or seven hours. and then there's a method called, oh, It's a smooth proof strategy. So. So pretty much. You set the intentions for. The day before. Saying it out loud. Just like when you say negative shit and they can happen out loud. C a positive shit to just even something as small as I go. I'll. I'm waking up tomorrow at five o'clock. Let's say you're the last door to use the. Similar to. First in the morning. Uh, you can keep your alarm clock across. The room. one thing. Well, I read somewhere that. You should keep you up. Your phone completely out of the room. Not because of the distraction. That it causes, but also. Because of the. Whatever the fuck. Radio. Radiation, whatever the fuck the phone. It's not good for you to be around. All the time. It's not good to be around the why you own it, but we completely. Ignore that we've heard this. We've read it. And we go. Really ignore it. I'm ignoring it right now. I need my phone. Well, yeah. So you said Jen, I may get intentions the night before. leave. I'll leave you a long clock across the room. Russia TIF right away. which I don't know. This is increases your energy level about 10 to 20%. drink a glass of water. eight hours. You need to rehydrate. I'm going to get you up any of the, get dressed. or get in the shower, man. You. You can take that cold shower. That's a fucking game changer. Because that shit gonna wake you the fuck up. and then you ask some cough. Coffee you going to be pumped. You're going to be bumped. Are you crazy? Uh, And I suggest you making sure that you have. Different pairs of gym clothes. You can go to sleep, wear your gym clothes, I will take. My gym clothes. And every time I got off the train, I was right by the gym. Not eliminate that excuse. I don't know why they. I mentioned them the excuse episode, but you're going to comment, eliminate the excuse. Excuse before you can make. It's something. I feel like I didn't even put it to the light, but I've been doing that shit. I just was. Consistency. Not my best friend yet, but I'm about to be. You bought the phone and love consistency. Let me say suck assistance. Just to see baby. Ain't nobody like you. You bring something. Something to my life every day that. Nothing else can. Consistency. Yeah, all these. These gems I'm dropping. I know I got job ready to wake. Wake up early as fuck. Your life is not only about the physical. It's not only about the mental, it's not only about the spiritual. It's not all about the emotion. All these things. All the pillars. That. Hold you up. Make you, you. By focusing in, on all of them on a regular. Basis. Oh, man, you gonna feel like a different person. It's not just going to be because your cells regenerated. Really different, like. You. By being different. As me, you just decided to do different things and now you get different results., And one thing we could do is do our best to reduce stress. Just part of life. Many different things you could do sometimes you just got to decompress Mandarin. You know what you gotta do to do it. You just got to make it a priority. It's something called the life savers silence. silence brings calmness clarity and. Peace of mind, which we all need. affirmations. the more we repeat something. The more we believe it. Think about that, your ability to your You're on. Award-winning. Impactful podcasts or. That. Millions of followers. Helping millions of people. You given your family in the world and especially you the best. You Continuously. Saying that and having your information affirmations that you ran down. And saying them, it's only a matter of time before you're going to believe him. And. Once you believe them. Once you think about them? Once you add action. Intention. Purpose. Desire. Fucking relentless press agreements, approaches of rap. The world is that as yours? another thing is visualizations are really important. You have to really. Make time to visualize. Because we got to reprogram our brains. our brains are like fixed. Oh, a certain thing that we need to break out of. And it's crazy. Cause I have. People that'll tell me. I'm. I'm fixed. And then a certain situation comes up and they're like, oh, This is just the way I am. Boom, that's a fixed comment. If this. This is just the way you are. Or people like you don't do this. Or. I'm not good at this. You, you literally. Tell your brain, what the fuck to do. I don't think, you know how serious that shit is. Um, exercise Boosie, uh, energy. Something about it. I don't know. I every time I work out, I'll be feeling more confident. You feel like I'm ready to slap somebody? I'm ready to give the speech. And it makes me feel good. I went and did something that I know I didn't have to do. But I did it. Makes you feel. Feel proud of yourself. being able to fill your clothes. And I'm starting to fit in my clothes better. Can we get to the, my desire weight, which I'm still like 40 pounds away, but Hey, I was 50 pounds away before. Almost 70. I won't point. I'm fucking Ray was eating gov. Why. and like I always mentioned reading. Yo man reading has done so much for. My life in my mind, like. I feel like you can tell from. From the first episode of right now. I feel like I'm way more shocked. You know what I'm saying? I feel like. My mind is like, Uh, fucking. Made out of. And that's still from game of Thrones. What is it called? We live. And steel. Ah, Uh, Yeah. Just cause. I don't know, I love learning. And then you read something affects you, and then you. You want to use it? only reason I want to wake up early, be healthy and do all that and be this way. Uh, part of it is because of the books. and they say, Journaling, like I said, generally earlier. Shit. It's like having your. Therapists. What did their business, a book? And I ain't going to fuck the majority. At the time, the shift you ask advice for it. You gonna do what you going to do. Anyway. I noticed that. I get advice. I'll look up shit when I'm. I know I'm going to end up doing what I'm going to end up. So. I'll get me wrong. You still. We'll go see a therapist. You know what I'm saying? I'm just waiting for the call. Callbacks or, I mean, I made the move, but. You still have to decide. You have to decide to call the therapist and NAFTA. With the tools you get for them, you got to decide. Are you going to use them? Are you going to lose them? and you can break it up. I like the way. This breakdown is cause yo, if you can't do this breakdown, Like, do you whack? No. I know fraud is tough, man. Change. A. What to say? I'm gonna put it in my word, changes a bitch in the beginning. A bitch in the middle. But. Fuck your fire at the end when you actually make. I like that change. Like Just anything you know When you finish some shit, it just always feels good. So five. Five minutes of silence. Five minutes of affirmation. Five minutes of Visualization. 20 minutes of exercise. It's 20 minutes of reading. Five minutes of gentlemen. Suddenly, if you can't do that. I'm not even talking to you. I'm talking to me. You'll rate. Rate Raimundo you can't do that. That's trash. Dog Oreo. Oh man. And you think about a man like. Think. About what. Everything I've said today. You'll be happier. You'll get more stuff done. Your procrastination. I won't even be able to compete with. You anymore. As you get in. Stuff's done where. So far. I had a good time. You about to start another life. Look behind you. We bought the password twice. You know what I'm saying You start working out. Now. Now you look better, you feel better. You making better decisions cause you stolen. Yeah, they would. With a positive one. You have is is going to be through the roof. Like seriously. You're mine. Is going to be sharp from the reading and all the learning. What makes sure that you learn and apply? If you don't learn to apply, then it's just like, scrolling. Scrolling through social media. So by that shit, you'll be smarter. And be sharper. Maybe you be grateful. Every, whatever it is that you trying. And to work on. You get a junk. On the day. And all these things add up with. Especially if you If you're not looking for the. The attention and the likes, and you're just doing this to improve you. You look up. You're good. You feel good? Space is clean. And, and let me tell you something. Clean space. cultivates creativity. So. Make sure you make it a habit of just. Clean up at the associate. You don't have to clean so much, but. Being in a clean space, get in a clean area. Just, it feels. Great man. It feels good. You feel better? I noticed. When I do like those deep cleans, man, I just. I ain't gonna. I'll be looking at my work like. I'm like, fuck it. So like, bam. yo clean that kitchen. And like that. But yeah, I'm doing it. if you end up doing it, send me an email. Send me. Then what I'm going to fuck. Send me some type of feedback. So. Let me know how it's working for you. Mentioned that earlier. How. The long, it takes you to build the habit. That's how long it takes you to build the habit. But. In the book, it says 66. Days. It doesn't hurt to try it. So give you six cells. 66 days. Have you seen this doesn't work for you in everything I've done. I mentioned. You don't get no benefits in this sucks. Let. We know about it too. Like, I wouldn't mind I don't mind any type of feedback. But I, I can almost promise you, you apply these things. You'll be closer to the life you want. Were you. May not want to go back tonight. Being the early. Riser. Because so much things are I go imagine. Imagine the majority of your day. Is done by two, three o'clock. if you got a job on, it was a little different, but if you got a job. I think about it. You. We can use that time. Excuse? Yeah, you're going to be a little bit tired. but if you work it out the right way, You can build. Build that business to get you out that job, or you can work on yourself to be better for the job. The fucking rock. Yo, the rock. Wakes up four hours. Before he has to be at a shoot. So if he gotta be at the shoot. Add. Eight. The clock. Rock is in the gym at four in the morning. Probably three is fucking Mosul, head ass. But, like I said, do your research. I read you, you see. This is. This habit is time tested and in effects. So many others. How about drill? And then you had, this was a great episode, man. I'm glad I listened to my girl cause. She was like, yeah, you Wayne. And the F you know, to wake up at 5:00 AM on a regular basis. Basis and I have, I've been okay. I've been waking up at five. Waking up at three o'clock, four o'clock and then right. On basis. So you see how sometimes your time. Your mind is so fixed on shit. That I could have been, did the episode. but now, you know, when it gets to doing the things that I've mentioned, And I ain't gonna fall, you know what? I'm going to dominate. In a document that I'm going to, there's going to be like a fucking. No, I'm going to put. Put it on YouTube, a documentary. And I like seeing some progress. The 66 day documentary. That's fine. Sticking to it. Is this a small part of the million things that I want to do. You know, I can't leave the show without. final say. And raymundo's final. Say Who the fuck is this? So come by some five o'clock in the morning, crack of Dawn and. It's Mondo. Yeah. Yeah, no, it sounds daunting. But waking up early gives you an advantage. Like steroids, do the strength. It will enhance your life. Have you fit in, like you live in. An Encanto. You don't need to be David blame the, see the magic unfold. Like a note you got passed in class. But you need to get your ass up. Start the day with a victory and you'll be able to perform like Mike,


Which one Anyone Tyson, Jordan Jackson. Ridiculous. The early rouser grows wise in times of silence. You get a chance to evaluate. And see how you will execute your plan. Strategy resides and success. So rent the room so you can afford the building, but the way I think. Until I could afford the block. Damn that's some whole shit. Nah, not some whole shit. But before you decide, you got to know your, why. Is your reason as bad as breathing when you feel suffocated? If your goals are not waking you up either, you don't believe you love your comfort. Or you just tired as fuck. And it'd be like that. I want to thank y'all man. I hope you. I love this episode. I really try to sell to you. And myself. Why we should wake up early. I read these books and they just gave me a whole different outlook. Yeah, man. And. Doing what you got to do early as fuck. Yo makes the day smoother. And your night better. But it's always great having you at the remove those show. So next time peace love mundo out