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June 06, 2022 Raymundo Season 3 Episode 23
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Dream Catcher
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 Who doesn’t love to dream? What if instead of chasing it you set up a way to catch it and make it real. In this episode Raymundo discusses some of the reasons people loose sight of the life they truly want, and  find ways to show you it’s possible.

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It's your host. Raimundo. Welcome to my show. Well, we try to relate elevate. And escape from the negativity as much as we can. And find that positive happiness.

But this is episode 23.


Dream catcher. We don't chase dreams over here. We sit on fucking booby traps. And not the ones that That the coyote used to try to use for the role running. Cause he never caught duke. Luke was always like Mimi. I'm out. But anyway let's get to the proceedings this. evening It's Ben moon does quote of the day

And today's quote of the day comes to you by. Damon dash. This one i'm going to do a different this time i'm a let him say it for you the death of a dream is the best friend. That means it became a reality or, and then it's time to have another one. I love this quote because. Well, he started. Well, he was about to say, I was like, yo Dame. Where are you going with this dog? And when he said that line, I said, oh yeah, this is making it to the episode. Somehow, even though it was on somebody else podcast. It was a different perspective that. Mainly look at dreams and our whole different light. The mobbing shits, you get out. I hope people. So when I heard that shit, it made me want to be like a Fucking sniper when it comes to the dreams, just. Antonios endeavors and assassin just. All or Hitman. like the, the game for PlayStation. Take dreams the fuck out. You bought the dreams of life. How powerful is that? I'm telling you we can all be dreamers. Like Molly grew. But when you become a dreamer and a doer. Then you're doing it right. but let's get into it. their Drain manifested, you know, You chasing your dream. You'd never going to catch it. You know, just manifest it, put your trust in the highest source. Yeah, this is the perspective edition. But honestly, I was going to. Name the episode dream Chase's until I heard this comment. And. It made me change the way I looked at the episode. I don't like to chase. Unless I have to. When it comes to success. Is a marathon. there's gotta be up there. And be ready to go through the trials and tribulations. That come forward. When you decide to make the decision. To. Catch this dream. Make it a reality. bring that bitch to life. And it doesn't stop there. Like you don't have to have one dream. that's what I love about this world that we live in. I know there's a little fucked up. But. We do have variety. we don't have to stay in one career. We don't have to chill with one group of friends. We don't have to stay in that relationship. You don't have to stay at that job. Like you got fucking options. I just feel like sometimes. Like not even sometimes. Built in the system. It's you know, that program in where. you only believe you can make a so far. I'm not trying to be like a. Her statistic, but. Coming from my hell. You don't get to see too many people. Really chase the dream on a. On a regular basis. when you have like a whole bunch of success stories of people, you go follow. Usually. You want to try to. Be like the first one. That that makes it, makes it. Shit. From Bushwick, the ones that made us so far. They own a, they own this war that I'm trying to be on. Of course, I'm trying to be like in hall of fames as great as one of the greatest speakers of all time podcast or. And everything else I'm trying to accomplish. It don't stop at the wall Yeah, we like. when I see that I'm like those dudes that. They went for it. They didn't. Chase it. They. Had definite purpose and caught it. Caught that shit like flexible. When he beat the perfect Patriots. This is a book by Napoleon hill. Thinking grow rich. I really thought it was a quick rich scheme. Type of thing, but it really was. A dope ass book that I've spoke about before. So I'm not going to get really into it. But he says. You have to be willing. To give to receive. Like just not going to be getting shit. When the two Lakira. You know what I'm saying? So sacrifices have to be made. And I remember I had trouble with this one, so I'm like, well, that means I gotta give up Sunday. Do I got to give up TV? Do I got to give back? And you are like at the end of the day. You know what your sacrifice has to be. Whether it's waking up earlier. Hanging out less. Gay and fucked up less. depending on the size of the dream, you might have to move. Not sleep as much. TV's one of the biggest distractions. in our culture. We don't think so because it's so entertaining in. Trust me. I love TV. But since I've cut TV off, I've gotten almost like 60% more done, probably 80, to be honest. So as much as you love TV, Got to sacrifice that bitch to the wolves. You gotta be like, this is spot. I just kicked that shit in. Not I'll kick the TV. Cause Nobody calls you some bread, but. Just put something that you don't want to watch while you working on something, something that you seen before, that's not going to get your attention, but I know I'm like, I like to have the TV on the background. Like even if I'm falling asleep, Which is not good. That's probably why I stay awake longer. it's just hard, man. Coming from New York is mad. Quiet over here. I did a little bit of noise before I go to sleep. I'm still used to. Because playing music that, that shaped the fucking window balls and your crew. I used to be able to hear. If. This person and that person was squashing, the beef, or starting to back up. I wouldn't do that shit in Miami and I really couldn't sleep. But here's a little bit different. I know I'm not too far away. So, yeah. And one of my. Reading sessions. Something was brought to my attention that I never really. Considered cause nobody needs that negativity. But. Brian Tracy was talking about some. Incorporating. obstacles. And objections. And things that will stop you personally. Physically like. You really address? What can stand in your way? Of going to the next level. Making the dream come to life. This isn't a should that We can't just avoid. It's going to happen. But so kind of be prepared for it. And. when it gets there, You're not completely off guard. You got an idea of. How you want to handle it. Cause. One of the exercises they make you do. And they make you write. Like 21 solutions. To the problems and objections you might. Come across. when you do a shit like that, that's the cross and the tees devil in the details. You need to do shit like that. To make it. One thing I come across a lot also is. You gotta do. What. Others won't. If. You're in business and someone's not willing to make cold calls. You gotta do that shit. If. You drawn Be a YouTube star. You got to make videos. You got to try shit. You gotta. Work on your advertisement. And grow your audience. whatever situation you win. A good place to start is where others wouldn't think to begin. Where others wouldn't think to. Even end. You got to treat this shit, like you bought the gold to the spot and Reese. And, What's going to happen. Unless they throw a surprise in there. If you got a bike, swim or run. Are you get to do all that shit? One of my dreams is to really do that shit. One day. Challenge myself. Pushed my body to the limit. Push it to the limit. And trust me, man. Like I'm no, it'll be dope if we didn't have to go through this shit. To. It's a come out better on the other side, but yo. You build your. Like your characters built in during these times. So you can't shy away from it. whenever you go home, Whenever you go to sleep at night, you know? You could have been one more. You could have stayed a little bit longer. you didn't give it. Your best. The dope thing is when you aware you could fix that the next day. It's not that easy, but. We know all the dope shit. You got to work to get. Like dynasties and. Great organizations and. Great men and women. Take that time to. Build the foundation. So. they're working their way to the top. They know, they, they solid. So. One of the thing that is going to take for you to step in You'll need that courage. You're going to need to be bold. You're going to need to feel fear. And do it anyway, like that author. Uh, Her name is Susan Jeffers to be exact. But. This are the emotions we can't stop from feeling. But it's all part of the process. I recently went to Toastmasters. And I finally. Knock something on my list. That's been on the list for a long time. Finally. Had the courage. Uh, To try to become a better public speaker. I would love to eventually become a professional speaker because the more I do this, the more realizing like yo. I'm about this life. And if I could encourage. A whole bunch of people. Borrow and prove them out. Communication. And getting more people to understand me and want to listen to me more. Because it helps them like. That's the dream. And right now I'm setting up. To catch it. Right now, I feel like that light. That can shine through. Blackout curtains. Somehow some way. I'm going to get in that door. Or I'm going to get into the building cause. If. I got a clown mobile building. Or. Go through a window. To get to where I want to be. So that's what it's going to be. Be. Oh man. You know, cause of my kids. The alphabet is in my head a little bit more. And I been reading Dr. Seuss. And I've been reading the machines like rappers, shit. Like I've been reading to them, like if I'm rapping like B, B, B, Bear babe Brooklyn, Brooklyn damn boogie down Bronx. And you're never going to wake up. And the word courage is going to pop up. Or. You just going to feel courage. It comes from the things you do. Every time you live your truth. Every time you take a next step. Every time you jump. Outside your comfort zone. Awesome. Ron brown shit. Yeah. The, I remember the video. I just remember the son was jumping. The whole video out would have been tight. If I had a record of it. That video. I would have had a good, a stump though, to jump on me. Cause I ain't doing all that jump in. Oh man. But yeah, man, just. the more you do it. And think about it less sometimes. That thinking. Can paralyze you like. Tim Ferriss said it I don't know if he said it, but I heard it from him. Analysis paralysis. Don't get caught up doing too much research. Thinking analyzing. Like just go for it. You know, what you should go for is your title was got an accident. Cheetah his way outta his marriage. And he still came back to the masters. And I don't know if he's doing his thing. But the fact that he's still out here, wallet. I should let you know that you could be wild out here too. Cause toggle was, was a while. So while they said it the best. They want, they gave me for my ambition. It's not something, but it's better than living. My girls, like they, he go fucking up the song again. Yeah. I don't know if you noticed book. I feel like you don't think about. The word ambition and. That shit is embedded in the DNA of all the great ones. All the ones that were told no, a million times. And still was able to do it. But speaking of the word, know the word. No. Gotta be one of the. Scariest words. In the English language. I don't know if it's something we programmed from or like it's just something from younger. you get told, no, you don't like it. Cause you don't. We don't like to be told yes. All the time. Nah, nah, nah, you get older, you know, you like the balance, but. You'd be surprised. Some people rather. never try something or. Stay in an uncomfortable situation. Just not to hear the word. No. or ask the question that could potentially. Help you out. and I'm definitely part of those. Some people. A closed mouth. Don't get fed. Every question that you don't ask is a no. So you might as well. But yeah, but back to ambition, And we all been around. Those people were. It's like, no matter what they, don't what they go through. Like they don't stop. And that's a trade that. You need to have, you know, what's another trait. That. successful dreamers have. It's crazy. sometimes you gotta be a little bit crazy. Or you might seem a little bit crazy cause. You ready to step out the norm? You're not trying to do what everybody else is doing. You trying to do. You trying to be the one that puts your life. The way you want it to be. Right. God gave us the breath. Well, he also gave us legs so we can move. Gave us a model so we can think. Heart. So we could feel. And freewill to. Either focus on the good of the bad. and the choice is up to you. But you gotta be on some real, other shit. if nobody using the words them ambitious to describe you. Then you ain't there yet. Not that you do for the people, but. Sometimes you won't know to someone tells you because you got your head down and you stay in focus. And going for the shit. In your pursuit. You got to be relentless. Honestly, you, you got to treat your dream. Like Jason. Like, no matter what you send them to hell, you send them. you said Freddy, Adam. With somehow. He finds a way to catch a body. And, you know, what. Sometimes. The streets need a body. Anybody Wolpe. When I pull up all your time. spot. You know, when you be relentless. When you catch yourself, not taking no for an answer. You almost got to be like, like that salesmen that you almost just want to buy the shit so he could shut the fuck up. I imagine. Be like that. What would your goals, dreams, aspirations, and, all that. Like, life has no choice, but to be like here, They get, this is yours and it is yours. Like I said, whose world is this? The world is yours. The world is yours. Is mine is mine is mine. When you were younger, maybe you was a candy taker. When you was a teen, maybe you was a heartbreaker. But when you become a Our goal getter. You got to be a risk taker. You can't. Start a business. Unless you willing to lose money. You can't try to be a rapper and I have mad people. Say your demo was trash. All those things sometimes give us that battery. It would be dope if just one. Instance. Like one situation that happened in automatically. Like, you know, what. I'm going to make that change. Well, yours. As humans, we just. We love experience. but. Through experience you gain wisdom. And the quicker you get that wisdom. The better you handle. Things going forward. But you got to learn the lesson. Lessons come at us every day. sometimes we ignore them. And it's all about balance. So I know you can't always just learn them. But give it a try. if you really think about it, Ain't nobody safe out here. Cause if you got a job you've been to for a long time. They could fire you for no reason. Or somebody. Folks up in the company and everybody got to pay for it. You can have a business that doesn't work out. So it was like, if she can happen in. Pretty much anything you do might as well. Put your energy and focus. On the thing that you want to do. And you ain't got to, this is a, you don't gotta dream big. You can dream hot little folk. You want. But I really think if that dream don't make you nervous. if that dream. I go for, and I'm taking this from dash, but if that dream don't effect. More than just you. Or more than just your family. is it really worth it? In the Toastmasters meeting. I ain't going for, I was trying to act like I wasn't a podcast. I wasn't trying to tell nobody nothing. And I couldn't help it. I got the end. They were like, what do you want to get out of it? And I'm like, I don't only want to learn how to be a professional speaker. I want to be the best speaker of all time. And I felt that shit. I felt like I meant that shit, but. Deep down. I love doing this. So. If I could be considered a professional and be able to do. Ah, hour of talking motivating or. Whatever comedy. Just whatever makes me feel like I'm bringing the dream to life. And making it a reality. And what's dope is if you're in the early stages, yo you get the document, this whole process. That's what's dope about. Nowadays. Yo. the end result. Don't even gotta beat agri. Your process can be so far yet it can motivate it could touch the right person. It could touch a person in a way that. I'm just going to, I'm going to start with the touches part. But it could change a person. They. It can given them the aha moment. It could do so much and you never know. That there's something in your mind. That can help. Enlighten the minds of many. So keep that in mind. Oh man. Let's do it. Through everything. Good or bad that you go through. I feel like you start building. Emotional strength. Yeah, because you need to be emotionally strong. To deal with the rejection. The nose. The fuck offs. The U. Put a malware. Into a video and engage in only a few views. It's the whole part of the process. And I'm telling you. You put all our work behind it. You're going to miss. The days that you were able to go to the store. And I have to sign my autographs. Me personally, I don't want to share all my dreams. But one I'm sure. You know, is. This show. I want to take it. All the way. I believe in it. I love it. I really feel like this. Nobody else out there like me, there's only one Ray. There's only one. Raimundo. And. I've had my troubles. On focusing in. I'm pushing myself past my own limits. But this season. And podcasts and in general has. Is bought the best out of me. It's showing me the heart of our work. The more focus on positivity. And the more I. Look, fear in the face and slapped the shit out of a. Slap the shit out of fear. The strong dog get. Mentally, spiritually. My soul. Feels joy. Because one thing You got to take no of the things that. Make you feel good? And I know when I work on something. And I finished something. Or get closer. To being done. I always feel great. So one thing. I know is when I don't do nothing. I feel like nothing. And feeling like nothing. When you something and you, somebody that's trying to do something. You can't just be in the criminal, doing nothing. Get the fuck outta here, man. Please. I read somewhere that. The pression in distress is our body a way of telling us. Well, one that we tied and we not doing What we really want to do. And sometimes, you can get. You could be doing what you want to do is still get stresses. there's nothing we could do to stop that. But this thing that we could do. To counter it. Like my son. I don't know who he is on a website, but he. Is more like. Like Batman fighting scenes or dead level. His commentating is hilarious. He just be like counter, counter. I do get. We have a me crying. Yeah, but I've gotten emotionally stronger personally. There's things that used to fuck with me that. Didn't fuck going to be before. And I'm noticing. At the more, I just go to it. The better get, so why stop? Like why would I ever want to stop? Because when I do stop the anxiety kicking that comfort kick in. That. Think this shit is easy kicks in and. I feel like I'd never want to have that., of course things get easier. With the more work you put in. when I went to we work. I had just came from a leasing consultant job. And my mindset was. Let me do something that I know I'm not going to get fired from. Cause I know it's easy for me to do. And I feel like that's, I don't know. I'd never want to think like that again. I want to think high of myself, like I can handle responsibility. I could take on the job. That's a challenge. like with sales job like before I worried about getting more sales, I worry about what happens if I don't get sales. Your mindset makes all of the difference. And I got an episode for that. It's going to be fire. And through all of this. You'll make yourself proud. You built the habit. Of going. For your dreams and making them a reality. Once you make that a habit. You'll there's nothing that you can't do. And it's not always going to be at the degree that you wanted to like. Let's say example, let's say I always wanted to, I wanted to be in the NBA. I can start my career as a referee. I can. I've definitely gambled to the G league. maybe I can work in an arena. Because. Sorry in dreams. Have a time limit. you're not going to be 50 and try to go to the MBA. Is not going to happen. looking like little Bronco, get the Lego play till he. Like 50 bucks. Now he won't do it. will be back. After this commercial break. The reason you're not living your dream, obviously. The Geraghty of is your full. but there are things that get in the way. So on the stand. Like your mental health. stress. family problems, all that shit. Can. Well, as you can be a distraction. mentally. It can wear on you physically. And thank you Al spiritually. So I get it. Cause sometimes I get overwhelmed. I get stressed. I don't want to do shit. But the fact that the matter is finally find a way. To make that pop better. I'm never going to get. To that promise land. And they'll get me wrong. I'm already at the one in my mind, like I mentioned in season one, but I'm trying to get to the one in a physical, so my family can read the benefits and I can. Well, the most important person I want to make a believer is me. the NAF that at. My kids, of course, I want them to know that they can do it. I always wanted to do shit, but not like I want to do it now. I really. It's crazy because apparently I tell you to do a whole bunch of shit and I get it. They love you. They care about you. They supposed to. they won't be able to tell me you didn't go for your dream or you didn't go to school or you didn't do that. And I'm doing everything by the time they get to the age to be, even to be able to even talk to me crazy like that. Cause nah, I ain't with it. every now and then I'll try to get a, a health episode. You know, but the truth is I learned something today. I started my morning, not eating right. A lot of sugar. just not the best way. And. I had a headache for two hours, but that's not the first time. That I let my nutrition and my work and I'll get out of hand. And it affected the dream like. You gotta think about it. You gotta be at your best. When you try to go for it. When you're trying to be your best. I feel like we overlooked. Cause sometimes either we be too focused or we think. Like eating something and not a priority, but like the longer you wait to eat. The hungry you are. And. The more your choices become whatever's there. But if you beat the hunger to the punch, where you not mad, hungry, Well, hungry enough to eat. And it makes sure you eat something good. Put the Shanahan. There's a lot of things. When you read, when you go in for that. life you want. that you miss out on, but you don't want to make it there and then spend the rest of your life. Pretty much trying to fix yourself I saw the sacrifices you made with your health, Trying to make the dream come alive. You don't want to do that. I have new personnel on my show. you might've seen them in the George Lopez video. If you haven't checked it out on Instagram right now, or YouTube. Old school, Freddy. I figured like a set of. Just telling you what the dream killers are that might gain your way, that you're going to come across. Why don't I just give you the examples and I'll have a old school, Freddy. Pretty much helped me out. Yo Freddie was good, man. What's happening with you? Young blood. It's like. I'm trying to do so much, man. I just want to make sure that I succeed. Like I want to make in life, I don't, I'm scared to fail. Let me tell you something Ain't nobody in this world ever make it without failing. It's a turning point of every story in history. Okay. Okay. So what you're saying is that I need to fail to succeed. Oh, you got to succeed to fail. Come on. Young blood. the end of the day. What's the worst that can happen if you fail. So give it a fucking dry Nah, you're right though. But. But before I really can. Put my all into it. I got away from my income tax check. I'm still waiting on my stimulus check. And. I got to think of some shit. Life rewards, the action takers. And publishes the hesitate is. So you either get excuses or you get results. Pick which one you want more I mean. It's obvious, of course, I'm going to go full results. I don't know, man. They say you got to learn some new man and honestly, I don't feel like i need to The more you learn? No. It's the more you learn, the more you earn. And life is changing at a rapid pace. So you got to keep learning them all You write to keep up with the times. The best thing I could do is read. But not for nothing. Nobody from my block has ever did what I'm trying to do. So. what really makes me so special Let me tell you something. Raimundo. A nobody in this world, like you. Ain't nobody in this world like me. So what'd you bring to the table? Nobody else can serve it, but you mother You know what it is, young blood you condition. To far ways. For it, not the work. And you let in. Dream killers. Do yo dream. But a dream killer can kill your dream. Uh, less, you let them all kill it. Get it No, I get, I get to use it. You talking about real shit right now. But I, how about like, there's toxic people out there that sometimes you don't even realize they be in toxic. some of us go to that. Oh, there's friends that like, I'll tell you discouraging shit. And the pending. How close am I am to someone or. if I admired him. They was saying some shit like that. it has affected me in the past, but. I don't know what you think Daisy said it the best his uncle told him. You'd never sell them. A million records. And JZ said. I sold a million records by a million times now. Didn't mean that the uncle did a warm to sell many records. It's just that his uncle didn't understand. What his nephew was trying to do. But he made him understand. By becoming successful. Let me tell you something about those stacks of people. My boy, Steve. Got some shit. To see about those toxic people great story listen up Then I was dope. I was real dope. I would, that has those. Shit like that. that's real shit All right. So. Would you say it is. I got to change my mindset. Because. I'm already programmed to automatically think like that. But if I use things like affirmations, And consistently work on myself. I can change the way I perceive. Success in. Things that I. So as unrealistic. be a reality for me. you make a good ass point, Freddy, like. I can't be afraid to fail cause. It's the only way to really show yourself the world, the universe. And anybody else that needs to see it. That you serious about it? Because if you can keep going after failure. you own the way. And instead of looking for an excuse. I should be trying to figure out a solution. For every excuse I can possibly come up with. And think of a game plan. Because. Not so many people do that so when you do shit that not too many people do it as a game changer And no matter. How you were raised the way you from. Once you aware is a hundred percent up to you. To make the change. Take a million percent countability. And. We're going at a step at a time Rome wasn't built in a day. Mundo took some time. Give him a discipline in order because there's times I'm not going to want to do shit. But it has to get done. And discipline is almost like forcing yourself. So. Why not. So it's forcing yourself till it becomes a habit, then it becomes you. That's how the process works. Mundo. Thanks for that. But right now, um, I'm having my aha. Summary right now. Let me rock. Respect respect. And when it comes to learning, it gotta be for your lifetime. There's a podcast. Uh, his name is Jim quick. I really want his books and he started. Like a, a charity for. Dementia, his grandmother had it. And. One thing he says that keeps your mind sharp is reading. So I know. Like in school, the way they set it up for us to re was wack. But our promise you, man, like we need something that makes you better. Or reading something that makes you feel good. Or. If you enter those books that make you feel a little. You know, Sam. Erotic. oh, man. And you get to live someone's entire life. Is that they took two years or five years to write. And you can make it your own in your present. Like that's a present right there. And my work ethic got to be superb. You got to learn ways to learn faster. Find ways to be more productive in less time. not that it's a race, anything like that, or you got to hurry up. But. Before, you know it, Tom will fly by and you want to focus on the things That make the difference, but at the same time, You need to rest and have Tom to yourself and be able to spend time with your family. hobbies, your passion. You got to balance it out, man. Cause. We've got a big fucking brain. We live in the fucking, we live in a big world. So. everything from putting your feet on the grass. Staring at the sun. Well, that should make a difference. Yeah. And when they come slow. I love being a dreamer. I feel like I never want to stop. Dreaming. But. I want to be those dreams that make it happen. That. Does it stop until. The goal is met. The goals accomplish. And mostly, I want to inspire other people to do the same thing, especially like. Like my friends and family. on some real shit, I'm surrounded by a lot of talented. wonderful, amazing people. And I ain't go fro, I've been podcasting before I've been podcasting. My intention is always to help. But like this time, I want to do it differently. I would like to inspire people. I don't know. People all around the world. I love when I look at the locations of the downloads and is in. it's in the UK, France, China. Everywhere, man. Is is dope. The other people. Like my show. I'll take this fucking great, but I'm Raimundo so, you know, I, ain't got to tell you different. And I want you to know man, you dead as got what it takes. You were born with it. All it takes is for you. It's a. See the big picture. And the work that you do. It will basically, you have something to show for all the work that you've done. And. Sacrifices you made. To do something that you already have. I'm not saying that the lives or the choices, you may suck that I just want you to know. That's not what I'm saying. My people, what I'm saying is. You had a dream. Before the world. Gave it the fucking, the Dudley Boyz 3d shit. Oh, man, not funny, but it's true, man. Like it's happened to me like me personally. First I wanted to be an NBA player like that was first well. First first I wanted to be a comedian actor, but I. I left via completely taken me out of it. Getting in front of the classroom. That did it to me. And I wanted to be in the MBA, but then I limited myself when I said, if I didn't go past It's six feet. I wasn't going to play. Cause I didn't want to be a point guard. I thought I was some wild, small forward. Of five 11 small forward. Then I wanted to be a real estate agent and I'm going to be honest, like this is the first time in my life. I can admit that I wanted to be a real estate agent just because I get the dress nice. make a lot of money. it looks good on paper. It looks good when you talk about a business card, but. I mean, it was fun and I did have some love for it, but I didn't have a passion. I wasn't in love with it. I just loved it. I feel like, I don't know some of it, I felt like it was forced, but like, Your. I've heard my voice before or voice recorders, but the first time I turned that microphone on. It was like, Love at first sight. More like. Love at first listen I was in love. The other things that I've tried. People told me things that discouraged me. I know I'm on the right path because it doesn't matter. Who does it support me? Who shows me love how many likes I get. I believe in this shit and I'm going to fucking make it. And there's nobody that can tell me Nobody can't tell me none of that. So I'm like straight up. I fill out shit on my heart and my soul. And I'm going to do whatever the fuck it takes. No matter how long it takes, as long as I'm alive, the dream was alive. As long as you alive, your dream is alive. your dream freezes, but only dies when the creator cause your number. And that's a fucking fact. But I want to thank God for this awesome episode. I know y'all appreciated it because I do. Now. It's time for that final. Say. It's all for action. Let's go. Raymundo's final. Say The life you want. It's some hard work away. If Donald Trump became president my people, you got this. Yeah, I forget. Obama changed the game. Better yet. There's those who had the odds stacked against them. And still prevailed. And yourself, you have to become a believer. Like smash mouth when he saw that woman's face. We all got something special, whether you realize it or not. You just have to bring it to the surface you wean or some Marine. You were spacious, baby, you out of this world. I know. It can feel like you curse. But it's all in your mind. No price can compare to the value worth. No mistake was made when you came to this earth. His divine intervention Oh, yeah. I mentioned, You come from a guide. you're the grade is creation When you was doing right there, man. This is not a single lone man. Come on man. Come on. Oh, my bad Freddy. I got in my talk. I forgot you was there, but nah, I was just trying to sell a new man. Just, it felt right, man. I just, I'm trying to soften the moment a little bit. So you can kinda let your guard down. And this is what the fuck I got to say. I want to thank y'all for joining me on this episode. It's been great. It was, this was supposed to be a totally whole different thing. Make no room for excuses we make it happen. Well, what we got. And that's the thing. Sometimes you search for everything outside of you when. Everything you looking for. It's right in front of you. So look in the mirror. But. I want to thank everybody, I hope everybody has a great day every day. Love ya. Thank you to my Mundo listeners. Appreciate ya. Peace love Mundo out.

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