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You Are Not Alone part 3 (Mental Health)

May 23, 2022 Raymundo Season 3 Episode 21
The Raymundo Show
You Are Not Alone part 3 (Mental Health)
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 Mental health is always an important topic on The Raymundo Show. In this episode Raymundo opens up about his past and present struggles with anxiety,stress  and OCD.  In his pursuit to spread the importance of all aspects in mental health he was able to get a someone to join him in his crusade. Special guest telehealth therapist Brianna Calderon helps Raymundo discuss ways that could help anxiety , OCD and finally making that call to a mental health professional.

Special Guest: Brianna Calderon

Educating and normalizing the necessity of taking care of your mental health is a driving force in my everyday practice.”

IG: @718counseling
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You are not alone part 3
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